Pervez Musharraf explains how Zardari benefitted from Benazir’s murder and exposes the shady behaviour of Zardari, Rehman Malik and others during and after the murder.

Musharraf also asserts that Zardari was behind Murtaza’s murder.


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Murder of Murtaza Bhutto: Role of Benazir & Zardari

Ghulam Murtaza Bhutto was assassinated when Benazir was the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The Prime Minister is responsible for the Executive and the Administration of the State. Simply put, Benazir’s police force murdered her brother. The murder scene was then hosed down and no UN styled investigation was ever conducted.

The above stands in sharp contrast to Musharraf’s situation. Musharraf had retired from the Army, hence he was no longer in-charge of the security apparatus. Kiyani was now in-charge of security. Musharraf was also not responsible for the Executive, being no more than a civilian President. Mian Soomro was the Prime Minister, hence responsible for the Executive.

Fatima Bhutto, Murtaza Bhutto’s daughter, continues to consistently blame Zardari for ordering the murder of her father through the police.

Here one is on far firmer ground when holding the late Benazir and her husband responsible for Murtaza’s murder because Benazir was the Prime Minister, responsible for the functioning of the State, and it was her own police force that did the killing.

Why are the courts not willing to launch an investigation into this?

Zardari and Benazir benefitted politically from the elimination of Murtaza and Zardari benefitted both politically and financially upon the murder of his wife.

Is it not time to investigate Mr 10%? 

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Abdul Qadir Khan Saga

Q. So, what about Abdul Qadir Khan?

A.Q. Khan harmed the national interests of Pakistan by transferring centrifuge technology and sensitive nuclear information to a number of countries. There is a trail of paper work leading all the way back to him and the evidence against A.Q. Khan is so strong that no Pakistani government, not even the Army, can afford to casually deny it. A. Q. Khan can lie as much as he wants, but the evidence against him remains.

Despite his immense wrongdoing, Mr. Musharraf not only offered a pardon to A. Q. Khan, but also ensured that no outsider had access to him. Furthermore, Mr. Musharraf safeguarded the nuclear assets of Pakistan and allowed no outsider access to Pakistan’s nuclear facilities. In addition to this, under the Musharraf government, Pakistan’s nuclear and missile capabilities continued to immensely increase. This also gives a LIE to Mr Daaghi’s (aka Javed Hashmi) recent assertion that Mr Musharraf was “compromising” Pakistan’s nuclear programme.

Instead of being thankful to Mr. Musharraf for saving his life, A. Q. Khan has merely engaged in unleashing lies, rubbish and nonsense towards his rescuer. He whines about his “house arrest” whilst not once mentioning the fact that he was kept a “prisoner” in his house, with every facility available to him, and the freedom to do as he liked and to go wherever he desired (albeit with security for his wellbeing).


Assassination of Benazir Bhutto: Exposing Conspiracy Theories and Zardari’s Role

At the time of Benazir Bhutto’s assassination, Pervez Musharraf was the President of Pakistan, having given up the post of Chief of Army Staff a while back. Does the President of any State micro-manage? Is the President responsible for the security of individuals and the one who implements the security measures? Of course not. Mian Soomro was the interim Prime Minister at the time and the Chief of Army Staff was Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani. The Prime Minister, not the President, controls the executive and the functioning. Neither was Pervez Musharraf in control of the Punjab government. As for the intelligence agencies, also being held responsible, they were under the control of Gen. Kiyani.

It makes no sense whatsoever to blame the President for the failure of a security system and its implementation because the security of an individual is not his responsibility. The law enforcement agencies on the ground are responsible for maintaining and implementing security and the ones involved in the planning also belong to the security apparatus. The President of a State, let alone Pakistan, has absolutely nothing to do with this.

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Letter of Protest – APML – UK

Below is the text of the letter of protest submitted to the Pakistan High Commission, in London, on 18 February 2011.

The protest occurred in reaction to the arrest warrant recently issued by the anti-terrorism court in Pakistani against Pervez Musharraf over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto


Letter of Protest

To: His Excellency Wajid Shamsul Hasan, High Commissioner of Pakistan to the U.K.
From: All Pakistan Muslim League – U.K.

Your Excellency,

We gather today outside the Pakistan High Commission, in London, in order to hold a peaceful protest to express our deep concerns over the revenge politics being practised in Pakistan and the blatantly biased behaviour of our courts. We British Pakistanis are shocked and dismayed at how one man, the honourable Pervez Musharraf, is being targeted not only by the inept politicians but also by the highly politicised judiciary.

Rather than issuing a notice or sending Mr. Musharraf questions to acquire his clarification, the anti-terrorism court – with a rich history of letting lose known terrorists – took an extreme measure by issuing an unbailable warrant for the arrest of our former President.

It is no secret that at the time of the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, Mr. Musharraf was no longer in command of the army. He was solely the President at the time, having nothing to do with the running of the State. Mian Soomro was the Prime Minister, leading the interim Government. Moreover, Gen. Kiyani had assumed the office of Chief of Army Staff – maintaining full control of all the security agencies. Neither was Mr. Musharraf responsible for the management of the Punjab Government. Is the President responsible for the security of individuals and the one who implements the security measures? Of course not. What then is the justification behind his unbailable arrest warrant?

You know very well that none of this is driven with a desire to get to the bottom of the truth. Justice is not the underlying theme in these proceedings. Instead, it is only revenge, blood, and blind hate which happen to be the primary fuel behind these proceedings. Hate mongers, who wish only to extract their petty revenge even if it means harming someone innocent, are the ones involved in this ghastly drama.

It is no secret that the current Chief Justice supported the former President for the major part of the latter’s term in office. Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of the judges who legitimized Mr. Musharraf’s (rightful) takeover of the Government under the “doctrine of necessity.” He was also among the first judges to take an oath on the PCO in January 2000. It is interesting to note that on April 13 2005, Iftikhar Chaudhry was one of 5 Supreme Court judges who dismissed all petitions challenging Mr. Musharraf’s constitutional amendments. It was declared that the Legal Framework Order instituted by Mr. Musharraf, the 17th amendment which gave it constitutional backing, and the two offices bill which allowed Mr. Musharraf to retain his military uniform, were all legal.

Iftikhar Chaudhry only “changed” after 9 March 2007. Could it really be that all of a sudden he finally realised he had been “wrong” all along and that it was now time for him to do the “right” thing? Only a fool will swallow this false narrative. We strongly believe that judges like him, those who are fully politicised, are attempting to extract their revenge from Mr. Musharraf.

Why is there an absence of unbailable warrants when it comes to the killing of Murtaza Bhutto? Mr. Bhutto’s family remains adamant in accusing Zardari for the murder. Worse, we know the late Benazir Bhutto was the Prime Minister – and thus the one in full control of the running of the State – at the time of Murtaza Bhutto’s murder at the hands of her own police force. As if this was not enough, how about the fact that the workers of PPPP were responsible for the immediate security of Benazir Bhutto? Why do we see no unbailable warrants for Rehman Malik, Benazir Bhutto’s security manager? And what about the senior police officer personally handpicked by her to see to her security? It is Benazir Bhutto’s team which mostly ignored and failed to implement a number of key security suggestions given to them by various officials from the US (NY Daily News National, The Associated Press, 31/12/2007).
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Pasdar-e-Pakistan UK Seminar on Saving Pakistan. JOIN US!

All UK based supporters of President Musharraf are invited to attend the first Pasdar-e-Pakistan UK event in London on 06 March, 14:00 – 17:00.

This is an ideal opportunity to display your support for the man who has done so much good for Pakistan and whose entire life can be summed up in these few words: Subse Pehley Pakistan! (Pakistan First!).

Details of the venue provided below.


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Protest Report: August 16 2009 Pro-Musharraf Protest

Assalam Alaikum

Let me begin by apologising to everyone from the bottom of my heart for the delay in reporting back about the outcome of our pro-Musharraf protest which took place on 16 August 2009, outside the Pakistan High Commission in London. I accept full responsibility for the delay, which was caused due to work pressure and family commitments.

Alas, I present the report below for those who were unable to join us for this protest.


A call was made on this blog announcing the plan to conduct a pro-Musharraf protest in light of the vehement attacks launched against the former President in Pakistan. Soon thereafter, a number of volunteers came forward to assist with the planning and implementation of this protest. Thus six individuals, all either on full-time jobs or studying full-time, formed a group called the “Musharraf Supporters Alliance” in order to organise a pro-Musharraf protest on August 16 outside the Pakistan High Commission in London.

Having no experience under our belts of organising such an event, this was to be a tremendous learning experience for us. In hindsight, we did a fantastic job and plan to continue with our efforts in the future.

Mostly British Pakistani families attended the protest. At the peak we had a little over 100 people in the protest. For the major part, we had around 80-90 participants. To put this in perspective, a number of protests launched by PML-N supporters and, for example, supporters of Imran Khan, have usually gathered either 20 or so protesters or, at most, around 60 protesters. When “stars” such as Imran Khan and/or Jemima Goldsmith are present, the number of protesters usually goes up to around 100 or a little above. Given the fact this was our very first attempt, this was a very good start to say the least. Think of this as a warming-up session, with the bigger event coming your way soon after Eid.

The protest was given coverage by a number of media channels, including ARY, GEO, DUNYA, Star News, Russian News channel (channel #512 on SKY), and a few newspapers as well. According to the ARY reporter, although she claimed she was unable to ascertain the identities of the organisers, it was clear to her that the organisers were educated British Pakistanis. Furthermore, she continued, that the protesters were also lay British Pakistani educated people who had come out with their families to support the former President, with no affiliations with any political party. This, I think, was a good complement and we managed to convey a positive impression to others.

Please bear in mind that when the goons of the goon Nawaz Sharif, for example, conduct protests, their participants are political men and low-class hooligans. Families usually do not participate in their protests. In our case, in sharp contrast, many families had assembled outside the Pakistan High Commission to voice their support for former President Musharraf.

Shortly before the start of the protest, as the organisers were making some preparations, we were joined by an elderly Pakistani doctor who lived close to the Pakistan High Commission. He was opposing Musharraf and was inquiring why we supported him, though in a polite and non-confrontational manner. A number of organisers had a chat with him and subsequently, during the protest, the doctor displayed immense kindness by purchasing orange juices and sharing them with the protesters, who were chanting their slogans under the blazing sun with not a cloud in sight. The doctor was given copies of the material we had produced justifying our support for Musharraf and explaining the reason behind our opposition to Nawaz Sharif and Iftikhar Chaudhry.

The protesters were well-behaved, so much so that when at the end the organisers approached the police to thank them for their assistance, the police said that ours was one of the best-behaved protest they had the pleasure to monitor. In other words, those who support Musharraf were not only educated, but acted in a civilized manner, without causing any trouble and inconvenience to anyone.

This protest was a good start and a success to say the least. It drew out genuine supporters of Musharraf, supporters who want nothing in return and who adore and support the former President for the immense good he has done for Pakistan. The participants were the young, the old, male, female, and people voicing their support along with their families.

Below are links to the pictures and video clips of the protest. Do bear in mind that the videos linked below were made mostly at a time when we had just initiated the protest, as the people were still gathering.


Various video clips of protest as it just got started and the people were still in the process of joining:


Below are just a few protest pictures, with a link leading to additional pictures at the end.

August 16 pro-Musharraf Protest

August 16 pro-Musharraf protest

Supporting Musharraf


ARY Report


Musharraf: Defender, Saver and Rescuer of Pakistan

Additional pictures can be seen on flickr here.


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Protest in London in Support of Musharraf

Protest in Support of Musharraf

Protest in Support of Musharraf

Assalam Alaikum

Many Musharraf Supporters requested we organise a protest in support and defense of Musharraf. We have done precisely this and request all Pakistanis based in Britain to join us on 16 August at the above mentioned location for a peaceful protest outside the Pakistan High Commission. If you support Musharraf then you MUST come out.

This is the time to express and show your support for Musharraf, a man who did so much for Pakistan over the past 8 years. The least you can do is come out with your family and friends and say you admire Musharraf. The former President is being attacked and maligned daily by overly biased and sold out anchors and by known corrupt politicians. As if this was not enough, now Iftikhar Chaudhry and other members of the Judiciary being fully controlled by Nawaz Sharif are also playing an active role in extracting their petty revenge from Musharraf.

Enough is enough. If the above state of affairs depresses you and makes you sad, angry and annoyed, then you MUST assemble with us on August 16 outside the Pakistan High Commission in London.

On the internet so many people make constant demands for protests and rallies. Then on the big day itself, usually a minuscule number of these people participate in the event. Lets not allow this to occur. Such an outcome will only hurt the cause of Musharraf.

If there is even a slight bit of support, admiration and compassion in your heart for Musharraf, someone who did so much for Pakistan, then you WILL come out on August 16.


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Rally call – Update

Assalam Alaikum all,

In light of the recent developments, the anti-Musharraf steps taken by the PCO Judge Iftikhar Chaudhry and his band of thugs, it is time to show our support for Musharraf.

We will be holding a protest in the UK and will be voicing our support for Former President Musharraf.

The protest is organised by: Musharraf Supporters Alliance.

Please send an email here for the precise details:

Gather your friends, family and all you know who support admire and love Musharraf.

Musharraf has done a lot for the country and it is now time to show our support for him. Do not just write on blogs and message boards on the internet. You must come out and show your support for him.

This is a continuation of our report exposing some enemies of Pakistan who are busy circulating gruesome anti-Pakistan army videos in emails and defending their attacks against the Pakistan army.

A few more words need to be added to expose one Kaukab Siddique. In an email, Mr. Siddique was asked (emphasis added):

“Let me ask you Kaukab, do you support what is shown in the videos
passed by your buddy “” which displays the martyrdom
of Pak army officers and where Pak army is addressed as “napak army”
and where TAKFIR is made upon them (they are called “murtadeen”)???

You did not speak against that, but you instantly spoke against me
when I was condemning the punk “”

I presume you agreed with everything that was said and distributed by
this terrorist “”?”

The above were straightforward questions. Mr. Siddique had a wonderful opportunity to distance himself from the contents of his friend’s email, namely, the anti-Pakistan army rhetoric, the takfirs and and insults heaped upon the army, and the support of terrorist activities (suicide bombings in Pakistan). As expected, Mr. Siddique completely avoided giving a reply to the above questions. Instead, he issued the following irrelevant rant:

“I want to know both sides of the story.

I get propaganda published by Kayani’s man Maj. General Athar Abbas [a shi’ite] almost every day. Most of it is plain lies.

I also read European papers.

From Pakistan Taliban I have received this information which is very difficult to get.
You did not want me to know the Islamic perspective on the situation?”

There you go! In other words, he is saying YES!

To remind the readers, I had asked Kaukab Siddique to speak against the linked videos included in a mass circulated email by his friend “paktalib” under the following captions:

  • Swat: “The Hell of Murtadeen”
  • Swat: “The Hell of Murtadeen 2“
  • New martyrdom video from Pakistan taliban 23/05/09
  • New original movie clip of pakistani taliban ” martyrdom bomber” killing himself and killing alot of pakistani soldiers ” apostates “with him inside building in swat valley in pakistan
  • Taliban mujahideen destroying camp of pakistani army in Waziristan
  • Napak_fauj.wmv – 117.1 Mb

For Mr. Siddique, the above filth is the “Islamic perspective on the situation!”

Not once did he speak out against the above blatant promotion of terrorism. Instead, he got upset only when I spoke against “” for proudly circulating the above filth and when I spoke against Siddique’s dearly beloved terrorists, the khuwarij Jahiliban.

In another recent email, Mr. Siddiqui unleashes a new barrage of venomous attack upon the Pakistan army. He also dismisses the fatwa issued against the Jahiliban by many of the foremost Muslim scholars and directs more praise towards the terrorism of the Jahiliban (emphasis added):


The ulama who gave fatwa against the Taliban are not representatives of Islam in Pakistan. Their fatwa was ignored even by Deobandi ulema as well as by Jamaate Islami.
Every Pakistani government has a few puppet maulvies who can give such silly fatwas.

Maulvi Fazlullah and Maulana Soofi and Maulana Abdul Aziz are genuine scholars of Islam who do not bow before America or General Kayani’s rented army.

From the Islamic point of view, Pakistan’s army, fighting at the orders of America, is doing HARAAM activities, The Taliban giving their lives are shaheed.

Maulvi Fazlullah, the lion of Swat, is fighting back because the rented army of Kayani invaded Swat.

You call yourself GI Joe and you support America’s Pakistani rented army. Why do you talk about Islam. This army is the only army in the history of Muslims which surrendered in front of Hindus.

Inshallah, the Taliban will win or they will be shaheed. The soldiers and generals rented by America will go to jahannnum, inshallah.

Your calling someone “crane operator” shows that you do not know Islam. Do you know that Prophet Muhammad, pbub, worked with his hands and even mended his own shoes.

A crane operator who defies the enemies of Islam and Pakistan is better than one who sits comfortably and supports tawaghit, kuffar and munafiqeen.

May Allah help you to see that Zionism has entered Pakistan through the army of Kayani. He gets his orders directly from America. Read this carefully:

This following factual news item was published in a Pakistani newspaper and is confirmed from American sources, yet Pakistanis still did not wake up.


Please note that this khuwariji SNAKE has expressed his desire for the Pakistan army to “go to jahannum” because they are allegedly committing “haram” activities (I guess the Jahiliban’s burning of schools, making children martyr army officers and others, beheading anyone on the basis of any silly suspicion, killing thousands of civilians deliberately, and terrorising the masses are all “halal” acts!) He says the murderous Jahiliban Khuwarij thugs fighting the mujahid Pakistan army are “shaheed.” Fazlullah, the terrorist and murderer, the one who has used children to martyr Pakistani soldiers and who has burnt dozens of schools, is foolishly labelled as the “lion of Swat” (an observation: it takes a third rate coward to deny women education and kill the innocent). He implies that I support the “tawaghit, kuffar and munafiqeen.” Since I only voiced my support for the Pakistan army, it follows that for Siddique the Pakistan army is “tawaghit, kuffar and munafiqeen.”

As if the above was not enough, Siddique even dares to idiotically compare our beloved Prophet (P) – who received wahi from none other than Allah – to the murderous scoundrel Fazlullah, who has absolutely no qualifications in any arena of Islamic sciences and who has been condemned by actual qualified scholars of Islam!

This SNAKE and khuwariji HATEMONGER, Kaukab Siddique, needs to be thoroughly exposed.

Kaukab Siddique’s personal email address: Email of his organisation “Jamaat al-Muslimeen:” JAM4PEACE@GMAIL.COM (nothing this snake has expressed in his emails has anything to do with “peace.” He has only spewed hate, support for terrorism, and poison).

His address and phone number: (removed)

The address and phone number of his organisation “Jamaat al-Muslimeen:” (removed)



It is simply shocking to learn that this TERRORIST supporter is an associate professor in the English department at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania! Moreover, he is said to have authored five books on “Feminism in Islam” (jee, I wonder if he has ever heard Fazlullah’s radio sermon where he argues that education is not necessary for women? Forget the sermon, does he even know that the Jahiliban destroyed so many female schools throughout Sawat?). Mr Siddique is also a self-proclaimed “ameer” of an organisation called the “Jamaat al-Muslimeen.”

Imagine how many young minds he must have poisoned by this foul man. If this is the level of hate and extremism coming from an associate professor in a Western university, it then becomes frightening to even think how much extremism there must be among the far less educated Muslims, not only in the West but also in the East. Only God can help us from this disastrous state of affairs.

Please report Kaukab Siddique to the law enforcement agencies if you are based in the U.S.


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