Assalam Alaikum

This blog was set up on 11 November 2007, just eight days after the imposition of Emergency Rule in Pakistan by President Pervez Musharraf. At this time the Pakistani media did not even bother to pretend to being balanced. Instead, it went outright mad in its incoherent diatribe against Musharraf. From the media we got the impression as if there was simply no one around who liked and supported Musharraf. But this impression was blatantly false since we existed. I never doubted my existence. The purpose of the blog, therefore, was to offer a defense of Musharraf by an ordinary Pakistani (subsequently joined by others), to present the other side of the story, and to expose the outright lies and disinformation being propagated by the Pakistani media and the masses of corrupt politicians.

I realized this was a small step forward. Yet it was a necessary step. The media was not at all interested in presenting the other side of the story and in allowing those who supported Musharraf to voice their viewpoint. Likewise, the newspapers were also in no mood to publish pro-Musharraf essays, or anything presenting the other side of the story (it is still a struggle to publish anything pro-Musharraf in a mainstream Pakistani newspaper). Thus, it seemed to me that the only way to present my viewpoint was using the internet, through the medium of a blog which could be easily updated.

For a while I had believed that mine was the first pro-Musharraf blog. However, I was wrong; the very first pro-Musharraf blog appears to have been http://www.musharraf.org/ (11 September 2007 – date of its first entry). Be that as it may, mine would seem to be the first aggressive defence of Musharraf online, covering a wide range of topics. Back when I set up this blog, it was very much a novelty and a rarity to have anything online in support of Musharraf. Since the days of the Emergency, the situation has changed significantly with many pro-Musharraf blogs subsequently popping up.

I was already rather fed-up by the poisonous anti-Musharraf campaign waged openly by the media. Things got much worse after the Emergency, when the media went all out crazy, thereby dangerously raising my blood pressure (and of many others). As a result, I decided to hit back by launching this blog and bringing down my blood pressure.

I leave below the comments I had initially posted to introduce this blog, as they reveal my frustration at that time and convey the anger so many ordinary Pakistanis such as myself were feeling due to the outrageously biased media attack upon Musharraf.

We pray for Musharraf’s return to power in Pakistan so that the country may continue to progress and the stalled wheels of development would once again start turning as they did before.

Musharraf Zindabad!

Pakistan Paindabad!


Original Introduction, 11 November 2007:

Frankly, I am really sick and tired of constantly hearing the very deceptive and erroneous reporting on a variety of news channels, particular Pakistani channels (specifically GEO and ARY), after the imposition of Emergency rule in Pakistan.

I do not object to criticism. Indeed, it is healthy to think critically on one’s own feet. But, in my view, what we are witnessing on Pakistani channels is pure and simple hatred. The reporters and analysts appear to be blinded by their hate and anger, to the extent that they are even fabricating stories and distorting the truth. This is not ‘criticism’.

Personally, I believe that President Musharraf has been probably the best and most productive leaders in Pakistani history. That is not to say that he is ‘perfect’. No one is perfect. I am sure one can raise valid criticisms of him. But to tell outright lies and openly incite the people towards anarchy and mayhem is not akin to valid ‘criticism’ but is to go to the extreme in the wrong direction.

Islamically as well, the latter activity is forbidden. One has to verify reports and claims before coming to a conclusion. But this practice appears to have been tossed aside by channels such as ARY and, in particular, GEO TV. They are even denying the unchallengeably positive accomplishments of Musharraf using one twisted argument or another.

I decided to start this blog to voice my personal thoughts on Musharraf and his government, to explain why I believe they have been largely very good towards Pakistan, and to also highlight what I deem to be distortions and lies circulating on our television screens.

If you find yourself largely in agreement with my own personal thoughts, then please sign the following petition in defence of Pakistan and Musharraf.

Pakistan Zindabad, Musharraf Zindabad!


PS: I welcome comments on this blog, including critical comments. But do bear in mind the distinction between ‘criticism’ and ‘abuse’. The latter will not be tolerated, including sarcastic and sneerful messages.

Bear also in mind that I am not online 24/7; so it may take a while for me to approve some comments. You will appreciate why I decided to moderate and personally approve all incoming messages since chances are high that I will soon receive a barrage of abuse.

Also note that politics is not my area of expertise. I am not a student of politics. Here I am merely expressing my personal view and conveying my own perspective and thoughts as a concerned Pakistani. Let me emphasis again that this is my personal blog; it is not affiliated with any organization and is not meant to offer ‘expert’ analysis.

Finally, if you find yourself agreeing with my general thoughts, then feel free to submit your own essays to the blog. Post your message here and leave behind your email and I’ll get in touch.



  1. I want to be a supporter of musharaf so please tell me how can i become a member of his supporting team

  2. Please keep me posted of future events

  3. Again, the nonsense in Pakistani politics continues. PPP now wants Musharra’s head and those who killed Benazir are not even talked of.

    If Musharraf plotted, and executed a plan to kill her, bring it on, and bring some proof ,would help. But the rattling without sense continues. There is an article in Dawn on the assignation. wrote to the author and reproduce below.

    There we go again. Intelligencia being an arse.

    Why on earth do you continue to think that the readers are a dumb lot?

    Off course it was not sufficient for Benazir to stick with an agreement and not come to Pakistan until the elections were over – that would be too honourable for a Pakistani politician

    Off course it was not enough for her when citizens died, being blown up in the air to pieces – she had to have her awami rally
    off course it was of no concern that she was repeatedly told to wind up early in Karachi due to possible threat – but her awam, how could they miss a chance of being blown up

    After all the mayhem and blood – she insisted on going to the pindi , specifically being asked not to do so.

    If she were alive she should have been on trial for murder – Callous as always as a feudal lord blindly pursuing her own agenda, who cares if some die, its part of the heroic struggle to put her in power.

    And then you couldn’t forgive Musharraf – he and shaukat aziz lived in bomb proof protection.

    For Gods sake if you cant make sense at least be honest !!
    The fact that Shaukat aziz’z driver died while shaukat sat in the same car , you couldn’t remember
    the fact that Musharraf’s car was speeding down the road with blood splattered all over and tyres burst, you couldn’t remember !!

    was that a Suzuki 800 she was travailing in?

    You provide her with a concrete casted bomb proof shelter on wheels , but she has to stick her neck out – Musharraf was probably whispering in her ear.

    A new political jhunjuna we now have – rattle on .

    the Pakistani political scene has descended to a low level d grade lollywood movie – a new mujra has begun – enjoy the show.


  4. Please read the article below, shows the absurdity in the country today:


  5. Gen sahib

    if u happen to read this note please asked gen Qurashi to give me time when ever he is in kranchi. i want tell some thing witch might be interst to u, Iqbal

  6. Dear,
    I am the suporter of Parvez Musharraf (Ex President of Pakistan), Please some one can give me the phone number or email address of Mr. Parvez Musharraf. I will be vert thank full.
    I want to join the Musharraf’s team.
    Parvez Ahmed Khan

  7. Musharraf is speaking in London next week (September 29, 2010). See http://www.intelligencesquared.com/events/pervez-musharraf-in-conversation for more details and to book tickets.


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