Posted by: uss017 | June 1, 2009

A Conversation with the Jahiliban

I never quite understood why a group responsible for so much mayhem, fitna and fasad in Afghanistan and now in Pakistan, through their very crude understanding of the Shariah, operated under the banner of the title: “Taliban.” The word “taliban” means “students.” A “talib” is a student. The members of the group (be it in Afghanistan or in Pakistan) who insist upon calling themselves “Taliban” can, in reality, hardly be described as “taliban” or “students.” A student/talib is supposed to go to a school, college or university in order to acquire an education whereas the overwhelming majority of the members of this group have never been to a school, college or university in their lives. Some, to be precise, have indeed gone to schools – girl schools to be specific. They did not enter girl schools in order to gain an education alongside girls or for dating but for the purpose of burning down the schools and, in some instances, killing the school teachers as well.

Some among this group have attended classes in “madrassahs,” religious seminaries. But again, these seminaries are, as far as I can tell, unaccredited and have no scholarly standing whatsoever. They teach “students” the basics of Islamic belief, memorisation of the Quran and convey some basic information on the hadith and Shariah (Islamic law), within a highly charged environment containing a heavy dose of poisonous rhetoric about “the Jews,” America etc. That’s about it. A “graduate” from such a seminary can never be described as a “scholar” of Islam. He/she is still a million miles removed from attaining the position of a scholar. At most, such a graduate comes out with a rudimentary knowledge of foundational Islam, which has been processed through a lot of political anger and emotional rhetoric. This graduate is ahead of most Muslims on just one matter: in most instances, he/she has completely memorised the Quran.

Essentially, these people are unqualified, often possessing a low I.Q and lacking the basic skills to maintain a job, let alone having the desire to attain higher education (be it in Islamic studies or any other subject).

Based on the above, I regard one to be insulting and significantly downgrading the respectable term “talib/taliban” whenever it is applied to the particular group which occupied 90% of Afghanistan for some years and which is now committing mass murders in Pakistan. The correct term, in my view, to describe this group is: JAHILIBAN (plural). Singular would be: JAHIL. The word “jahil” means “ignorant” and since there can be little doubt that the mass murderers of Sawat are ignorant of Islamic law and often lack basic education, they are, therefore, JAHILIBAN.

Unfortunately, the respectable word “Taliban” has already been bastartised. The word is now firmly stuck to a specific group based in Afghanistan and Pakistan which does not regard women to be human beings, denies women education, makes instant takfirs, kills innocent people on the basis of any unsubstantiated allegation with no due process whatsoever, and which believes in the imposition of a highly crude form of “Shariah,” a type of Shariah which has probably never existed in 1400 years of Islamic history. Therefore, if in this and future papers I refer to them as the “Taliban,” then that does not mean that I genuinely consider them to be “taliban” (students). I am just using this as a word – WITHOUT MEANING – to identify a specific group, without attaching to it the actual meaning of “taliban.” Again, in reality, these people are JAHILIBAN and we should use this FACTUALLY CORRECT term more and more frequently in our writings and talks.

I would now like to inform you about my email exchanges with a few members of the “Taliban” – JAHILIBAN. Like most people, I maintain multiple email addresses. A few days ago I received two emails in one of my accounts from a person I know nothing about. I have no idea how he came to acquire my email. The email was sent to many individuals and my email address was included in the pile of emails. The email was sent from this address:

Judging from the email address alone, it is safe to assert that the owner, at the very least, regards himself to be a member of the Pakistani based “Taliban.” The contents of his emails were shocking. They contained pictures of the bodies of the shaheed (martyred) Pakistan army soldiers. The email praised the “Taliban” who had martyred the Pakistan army officers and contained a picture and praises for a suicide bomber. Moreover, the Pakistan army was labelled “Napak” (impure) army and were addressed as “murtadeen” (apostates from Islam). Most shocking, the email contained links to dozens and dozens of video clips uploaded on sites such as,, and many others. I did not dare check out these videos, but I am sure they contain clips of suicide bombings and killings of Pakistan army officers. In one of the email the clips were entitled as follows:

  • Swat: “The Hell of Murtadeen”
  • Swat: “The Hell of Murtadeen 2
  • New martyrdom video from Pakistan taliban 23/05/09
  • New original movie clip of pakistani taliban ” martyrdom bomber” killing himself and killing alot of pakistani soldiers ” apostates “with him inside building in swat valley in pakistan
  • Taliban mujahideen destroying camp of pakistani army in Waziristan
  • Napak_fauj.wmv – 117.1 Mb
  • These videos are said to have been made and distributed by the “Nida al-Jihad Center for Media Production.”

    Well then, after reading the above, I did the only intellectual thing I could do: I hit the “reply to all” button and went ahead to type a series of profanities in the email, calling this “paktalib” all the names in the book. I am absolutely proud and unrepentant of abusing him. But besides the abuse, I typed a lot of pro-Pakistan army slogans, praised the shaheed of Pakistan army, and issued curses on the Jahiliban, praying for them to rot in the lowest pit of hell.

    I am sure all the above left emotionally scarred and traumatised for the remainder of his miserable (and hopefully short) life.

    The most amazing part was the reaction I received from two Jahils, who are, no doubt, members of the Jahiliban. I paste below an email I received (my alias on the other account is “G.I. Joe” – bold original):


    Inshallah, the Taliban will be victorious.
    G.I Joe is not aware that Maulvi Fazlullah is enacting the Laws of the Qur’an and the Hadith.

    Pakistan has become an Americanized country, extremely corrupt and oppressive.

    The Taliban are trying to save Pakistan from the clutches of Zionism and Imperialism.

    People like GI Joe are easily affected by army propaganda and turn against the Islamic forces.

    Here is what Maulvi Fazlullah had to say about Pakisan:

        Maulvi Fazlullah, Islamic jihad leader in Swat, Vows to Defend Pakistan to the last drop of his blood

        April 12, 2009: The National Peace Jirga leader Inamur Rahman met Maulvi Fazlullah at an unknown place in Swat. The Maulvi told the peace group that his only interest in the struggle has been that Islamic Law [Shari’a] be implemented in Swat. He said that he will no longer fight the Pak army if Shar’ia is implemented. If the Pak army does not put obstacles in the way of Shar’ia, the mujahideen will not even ask for damages for the losses they have suffered at the hands of the Pak army. He said he fully supports the efforts of Maulana Sufi Muhammad for the peaceful implementation of Shar’ia.

        He categoically rejected the disinformation campaign by the Pak regime that he is against Pakistan. He said that his loyalty to Pakistan is without question and he and his people will fight to the last drop of their blood for the defense of Pakistan.

        [Maulvi Fazlullah fought the Pakistani army to a standstill and created the situation in which Pakistan had to invite his father in law, Maulana Sufi, to head the movement for Shari’a in Swat. He leads the local Taliban and has solved hundreds of law cases in Swat and brought justice to the people of Swat.]


    The above disgusting email in praise of the Jahiliban was sent by:

    Kaukab Siddique (email: )

    Kaukab made a bobo in another email when he revealed his website:

    Little did he realize that the website exposed his personal details. From the website we know that Dr.(!) Kaukab Siddique is the “Editor-in-Chief” of this trash pile and is almost certainly based in the U.S. This is the address and phone number on his website:

    PO Box 356 Kingsville MD 21087-0356 USA
    (443) 869 – 5233

    Notice Kaukab not once spoke against the Jahiliban. Not once did he speak against the takfir made on the Pakistan army, the abuse hurled towards them of being “Napak” (impure) army, and not once did he speak against the videos containing barbaric scenes of Jahiliban atrocities.

    Instead, Kaukab got “upset” on only one issue: my words against the Jahiliban. He got upset when I said the Jahiliban were Khuwarij. So, he hit back defending them!

    Subsequently I sent Kaukab an email giving him another chance to distance himself from the Jahiliban. I wrote:

    Let me ask you Kaukab, do you support what is shown in the videos
    passed by your buddy “” which displays the martyrdom
    of Pak army officers and where Pak army is addressed as “napak army”
    and where TAKFIR is made upon them (they are called “murtadeen”)???

    You did not speak against that, but you instantly spoke against me
    when I was condemning the punk “”

    I presume you agreed with everything that was said and distributed by
    this terrorist “”?

    To the above there has been no reply from Kaukab thus far, nor do I expect him to ever offer a reply. It is rather clear that he not only supports the Jahiliban, but he agreed with all of the nasty contents within “paktalib’s” email.

    In fact, Kaukab had this to say when another Pakistani replied back in anger against “paktalib” for proudly distributing gruesome attacks on the Pakistan army:

    Looks like “cancer” is quite out of touch with reality. Use of Amercan language shows that “cancer” is very angry.
    He supports the army of General Kayani rented by USA. He does not know that it is the Pakistani Taliban who are fighting for Islam and Pakistan.

    Kaukab uttered the above nonsense in the very same email thread on which nasty anti-Pakistani army videos were posted and multiple takfirs were made upon them, together with the praising of a hell bound suicide bomber who is said to have killed (rather, martyred) many Pakistani soldiers.

    I will request all Pakistani patriots based in the U.S. to notify the F.B.I, the C.I.A, the Police and all relevant authorities about this “Dr.” Kaukab Siddique Jahiliban supporter. He may well be collecting funds from unsuspecting and innocent Muslims in the U.S. for the support of the Jahiliban.

    The second unusual response to my email lambasting the Jahiliban came from one “Abu Taha” (email: ). Being a very good and observant Muslim, Abu Taha was irreversibly distressed after reading the forbidden profanities I had directed at “paktalib.” Abu Taha wrote:

    Asalam o Alaikum,

    are you muslim?? than why you do lot of abusing ??? your’s ULAMA said u! you can abuse in islam???

    Think brother think!

    JazakAllah khair..

    Let me get this straight: Abu Taha was, presumably, not the least bit distressed and disturbed by looking at pictures displaying the bloody bodies of the Shaheed Pakistan army officers; he was not upset by the gruesome uploaded videos proudly showing bloody scenes of barbarity; he was not upset when takfir was made on fellow Muslims (Pakistan army being labelled “murtadeen”) and he was certainly not upset when our army was addressed as “Napak” army. He did not dare utter one word against these acts.

    But Abu Taha, the “good” Muslim, was traumatised by the foul words I directed at “paktalib” and the Jahilibans!

    IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT! … This MORON wants me to “think” after marvellously displaying his buffoonery! AGHAGAGHAGHAGHA! (the scream of frustration).

    Long Live Pakistan!
    Pakistan Army Zindabad!
    DEATH to the Khuwariji takfiri heretical JAHILIBAN!


    © Musharraf Supporters 2009 All rights reserved



    1. […] Siddique: An American Jahiliban Terrorist Supporter This is a continuation of our report exposing some enemies of Pakistan who are busy circulating gruesome anti-Pakistan army videos in […]

    2. First of all-anyone who says the “taliban” and the like are protecting or defending Pakistan are as ignorant as the day they were born. However, would that person (who is supposedly educated) be able to pay attention to logical points? Probably not, and that is why so may educated and “well off” Pakistani’s support(ed) the “taliban” in Pakistan. To make a couple of quick points, here are things to consider:

      Protecting Pakistan from Americanisation and Zionism isn’t done by violence….violence merely welcomes violence from the very people you hate.

      Protecting Pakistan should have started in the areas with the progressed thinking: major cities. Since the cities were filled with people who were living per their own desires (shopping, eating out, being in mixed company-all of the tenant these so called protectors hate) this is where they should have started. Also, it should have been a campaign of thought and reason, not blowing people up…..again, violence really solves nothing in this scenario.

      Why did the taliban start in the northern areas and in villages? Because the people there were poor and needy and who they couldn’t buy they simply murdered. The government isn’t going to quickly pay attention to poor villages in SWAT, but they would wake up to bombs going off in Lahore and Karachi and take action. Plus, the people in Lahore/Karachi/ISB aren’t likely to be as meek as those in villages. They’ve had a taste of “the good life” and they aren’t going to sit around and take it. They have their access to media coverage, foreigners are living among them who can get word out, etc. etc.

      These “protectors” are nothing but selfish, nasty, power hungry men-and most of the people they recruit manage to many times be people who really want to feed their families…..and a few who are brainwashed into thinking this is the only way to bring change in their land.

      By the way….the Taliban were named (from what I’ve read and I’ll get you the book information) because they were initially started by men who were actually well educated……as you said, though,, the word has been bastardized now

    3. While the word “Jahiliban” very aptly describes one aspect (ignorance) of these people, it does not define their other more commonly known trait and which in fact is their real identity and that is “brutality”. So i would like to term them as “Zaliman” (brutes). I would love to see someone coming up with a word which describes both these traits.

      secondly, mod as a very concerned citizen of pakistan, i have written an article, trying to highlight what i think is the real source of our troubles and which very few people have discussed. i want to send it to you and if you think it’s worth anything, you could post it on not only this blog but perhaps wherever possible.

      where do i send it to you??


      [Moderator: Assalam Alaikum. Feel free to email me your article at: . As for a word describing the traits of ignorance and zulm, my creative mind just thought of: Jahilzaliman 🙂 It’s beginning to sound good the more I utter it. 🙂 I initially coined “Jahiliban” because normally a jahil is the opposite of a student (one who is attaining knowledge and, therefore, is not a jahil (though he/she may still be a jahil in other ways)). Well, I like both words: “Jahiliban” and “Jahilzaliman”]

    4. On Taliban
      They established and flourished in Northern areas because they were fascilitated during first Afghan war.
      Gun was a pride,culture and tradition of Pushtoons.It was very easy for extremists to mix guns (considered as a symbol of bravery with the Jihad ,legitimised excuse to kill others as used by these thugs to lure innocent people into cold blood murders)
      They can never take over in lahore ,Islamabad,Karachi people have civil freedoms there ,which is a mixture of culture and religion which has evolved through centuries.
      The positive thing in the whole scenario is Pakistan is not ignoring the problem and as President Musharraf acted to take the bull by the horns that is how the present government is dealing with it.
      Musharraf definitly safe guarded future of Pakistan by challenging Terrorism or extremism.
      i hope in the longer run we will see a unified,stronger and peaceful Pakistan .
      Insha Allah.

    5. Salams all,

      Mod, I have sent you the article. do let me know if it in any way helps Pakistan. Jahilzaliman is a good word and if you notice, i have started using it in my posts.

      wendeth and farrah are both right in what they say. i just want to add a few lines on how i feel about the situation:

      1. Today most of our political parties/leaders (minus a few blockheads like qazi, imran and their likes) are not only supporting but rather fighting this war against those savages.

      2. These visionless and idle (nothing-else-to-do) politicians until a year or so ago were seen everywhere on the media blabbing against this war, terming it an imported one.

      3. They went to the extent of even justifying all the wrong doings of the Jahilzaliman, saying it was a reaction to our policies.

      4. Why were they doing all this? Only because they wanted to turn public sentiment against Gen Musharraf as he was at the helm of affairs and not them and he had given them a good drubbing.

      5. These ignorant (Jahilan), power-hungry idiots in the process made the public to sympathize with those brutes and turn them into heroes.

      6. Our paid “media anchors” and confused “analysts” also had a very dirty role to play in all this.

      7. One can very easily conclude that, that their personal interests came before national interests. They were least bothered about what they were doing to this country.

      8. Today, all those champions of empty table talk are getting a taste of their own medicine (as we say in urdu apna thooka hua chat rahay hain).

      9. looking into hindsight, i say it with confidence that great musharraf was a visionary. he knew what was coming and was handling the situation accordingly. had he received similar kind of support at that time, this country would have been a peaceful place by now.

    6. The day it dawns upon us juhalas that we are not following our Deen ie The Quran,instead we are aping our forefathers.Read the under mentioned Sura:Ayat from the Quran.
      2:170.This is to expose our aabaos ie forefathers.
      2:8.They say we believe in God and akhirat but they are not muslims.
      2:79.They write book and say these are from God.
      Al Kitab is the only Book that is from God.
      3:78.They add words with the words of God in the Quran and say these words are from God too,they are liars.
      Then they fight over names that they and their forefathers have concocted for which God has not given any proof in the Quran.
      3:65.Why fight about Abrahim?Torah and Bible were delivered after him,dont you use your senses?
      Note:First God spread mankind on earth then He gave them the Al Kitab in which Prophets were already mentioned.

    7. Deen is between an individual and God and not amongst individuals.
      For God is the Judge not us.
      Each individual is answerable to God not humans.

    8. God is asking for good deeds only.
      Run to abide by the laws of God.
      This is ibadat not just reading the Quran in a language that we dont understand.
      Read14:4.Quran is in all lassans ie languages.
      41:3.Quranun arbioun means Quran pak not arabic language.
      Arab means pak ie clean and pure.
      44:58.Hum nai Quran tumhari lassan mein aasaan kardiya takai tum aasani sai samajh sakou.
      9:97.Aram(Pak par hein nahein)Nafaq pai arrai huai hein,behtar hai kai woh humarai ahkaam na janein.

    9. These talibans are not students,nor their mentors.9:34 parh lou.
      Mind you Allah is addressing humanity at large in Quran:Yeh tamam jahan waloun kai liyai shifa,hidait aur zikr hai.
      God has not made us a lawyer or a muhafiz or jabar karnai wala over them.
      So,lets not pry into other’s lives.
      Worry about yourself.
      Talibans and their mentors are merceneries.
      They are paid to kill innocents.
      Mind you God forbids murder and violence.
      Our enemies inside and outside are paying them to massacare.
      May God expose them and punish them in a manner that other brainwashed juhalas take a lesson.Amen.

    10. Lets unite not divide.
      Lets live and let live.
      Lets not hurt others.
      Help those in need.
      Save lives not take them.
      Violence is worst then murder.
      Those involved in wars are pouncing on the wealth of others.
      Might is just not right.
      Make the world not break it.
      Each one of us shall die and answerable to God.
      Have you ever thought?
      That God is the Lord of this universe,not a few who play pharaohs.
      Good deeds shall lead to Heavens bad shall to hell.
      What do you say?

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