Posted by: uss017 | April 14, 2009

Gilani on Economy

According to Prime Minister Gilani,

Our GDP has doubled to US $170 billion…

It should be noted that the above obviously could not have occurred under the current regime or through any of their efforts. In reality, the above is the fruit of the hard work carried out by the Musharraf government from 1999 till 2007.


The Prime Minister pointed out that today we have a sound architecture in place for developing and strengthening strategic political, economic, commercial, scientific, technological and cultural relations between our two countries.

Again, a quick reminder: the above is thanks only and only due to the effort of the Musharraf government from 1999 till 2007.

While the Prime Minister took the time to mention the role of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto – conveniently forgetting the fact that both, particularly the former, ruined Pakistan’s economy – he made sure not to mention the one government which transformed our petty economy into the size of $170 billion, with a consistent GDP growth of 6%+ – the Musharraf government.

Please read:

    Gilani calls upon Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan in a big way

And let’s not forget:

  • PPPP Acknowledges the Improvement of Economy under Musharraf
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    1. The cars which usually were selling for about 8 to 9 lakhs during Musharraf/ Shaukat aziz are about 18 lakhs today. The flour was less than 300/ 20 kg and was cheapest in the entire region and was suggling to even the central Asian states now usual government price is well above Rs. 600/20 Kg and is the most expensive than whole world.
      Two years back when fuil prices were record highest the then government were all subsiding so the rates were lowest. Now when oil prices are record low the prices of petrol and diesel government is taking 27 to 30 rupees profit and selling expensive than the region. The electric charges despite highest oil rates were not riased but now with the lowest oil prices electric rates are rising on monthly basis.
      The science and technology budget was 6 billion two years ago now is only 16 million. No new project has been started in the center and in Punjab.
      Downsizing in private sector is underway. Textile industry is collapsed.Interest rates are the highest in the world and in history of Pakistan.

    2. I really appreciate Musharraf’s reign… during that period Pakistan was really going on the path of progress and bright future.. but sorry to say that right after musharraf most of the pakistanis feel that they are “Orphans” now after musharraf… these were mine feelings too right after he left the power. i really Pray to God and wish Musharraf could become President again.

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