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Musharraf India Interview 2009

Former President Musharraf’s interview in India can be seen here.

The interview can also be seen here.

Download in FLV Format: 48.6MB

I strongly suspect that the above is not the full interview; bits and pieces appear to have been left out. Nonetheless, we see Musharraf once again promoting and defending Pakistan’s stance on a number of issues, primarily the Kashmir issue and the problem of extremism/terrorism, in an unapologetic manner.

One issue needs to be clarified. It has been reported that Musharraf allegedly expressed his desire to regain the Presidency of Pakistan in the near future. It comes as no surprise that some people are using this alleged statement to attack Musharraf. After having seen the above interview, I conclude that the former President is being quoted out of context. Towards the end of the interview (clip #6 here or time slice 17:21 – 17:48 here), Musharraf was asked whether or not if after his resignation he again desired to become the President of Pakistan? Musharraf very slightly swayed his head in the negative and said ‘no’ as the interviewer continued speaking. Immediately thereafter a hypothetical scenario was presented to Musharraf: ‘WHAT IF‘ such an offer was made to him (‘agar up ku offer kiya jai‘ and: ‘agar aup ku koi offer karta hai tu‘?)? To this hypothetical question Musharraf replied that he would see what type of an offer it was and IF he could play a role therein (‘no … offer agar koi karta hai tu mey dekhunga agar mey usmey koi role adda karsekta hu‘ and: agar mey role play karsekta hu tu‘). He proceeded to state that he would obviously accept an offer ONLY IF he could play a useful role and that he would not like to be a useless President who did not contribute.

Thus, I do not see what the hoopla is about. He merely said that he would accept an offer only if it allowed him to contribute and play a positive role. Musharraf was speaking in purely hypothetical terms. He did not state as a matter of fact that he wanted or desired to regain the Presidency. Of course, I do hope, wish and pray that Musharraf comes back to power in Pakistan. Pakistan needs him badly. But, for the time being, the former President is being wise in refraining to comment upon Pakistan’s messy politics.

I am after the video clip of the Q & A session in India where the former President had to face a barrage of hostile questions from a variety of Indian personalities. I hope someone can post the link if it has been uploaded somewhere.

The transcript of the Q & A session can be seen here:

  • Musharraf Q & A Transcript of Delhi Lecture
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    1. […] Musharraf India Interview 2009 […]

    2. musharraf i think the best president 4 pak after jinnah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~he has ability to control the country …..and he has guts…… protect his country

    3. i think he talks in a fluent way,he said 100 percent right that india needs to discuss on kashmir issue,rather than to blame on pakistan.and this is the only way to live with love and peace together in subcontinent.pakistan needs indian support not blames………….

    4. good saying a civilized dectator is better than a corrupted democracy.i tribute to g.p.mushraf a pioneer leader of pakistan,his deeds are really tributrable.

    5. Dear Sir, being a patriot I am outraged by the irresponsible behavior of United States Media by accusing us of double dealing with the Talibans. I don’t agree with Musharraf’s religous ideology but I am his staunch supporter as he is a patriot. I can’t bear wrong accusations against our Army and Intelligence. The Pakistan’s Print Media however should do the same as the US is doing. You should create a similar report accusing the US Congress of plotting the 9/11 incidents against her own country to create an excuse of attacking Muslim countries. Please slap them back .

    6. PERWAIZ MUSHRAF is the great person.meri wish hai k ALLAH TAA’LA wo phir say PRESIDENT OF PAKISTAN banae ta k hmen sukoon millay or hum save rahen crims say.his great and xcellent , marvellous leader of PAKISTAN.INSHAALLAH MUSHRAF SB. PAKISTAN k president baney gain.thanx

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