Posted by: uss017 | August 18, 2008

A Tribute to My President

August 18th 2008 is one of the saddest days of my life and for, no doubt, so many other people who love Pakistan. Pervez Musharraf was the best thing that had ever happened to Pakistan in decades. This honest man managed Pakistan with utmost dedication, humbleness and, through his hard work, managed to transform Pakistan’s bankrupt economy into a booming and resilient economy. The economy the size of a mere $75 billion in 1999 more than doubled in less than a decade under Musharraf. In 1999 ours was a debt ridden country with around 65% of our GDP used for debt servicing. Before September 11 2001 this figure had reduced to around 55% and, thereafter, it went down to 25%, which is a perfectly acceptable level. Our economy grew consistently at the rate of over 6% annually, having become a booming economy. In 1999 our foreign reserves were a mere $700 million, whereas by 2007 they had increased to $16.4 billion. Investment was pouring into Pakistan for the first time at a fast pace. Consider the fact that in 1999 Pakistan’s foreign investment was around $300 million whereas by 2007 they had increased to around $8.4 billion. The Karachi Stock Market rose from 700 points to reach around 16, 000 points. The National revenues of Pakistan were around RS. 300 billion in 1988-1999 period and increased massively to around 1 trillion in 2007. Likewise, public sector development stood at a dismal RS. 80 billion in 1999 and increased to around RS. 520 billion in 2007. Overall, Musharraf and his team had transformed Pakistan into the 3rd fastest growing economy after those of China and India’s in 2006, being the 3rd best in banking profitability in the world, with construction activity an all time 17 years high and large scale manufacturing 30 years high.

Consider other achievements. Under Musharraf the Mirani, Subakzai and Gomalzam Dams were constructed and Mangla dam was raised, thereby doubling its capacity. Pervez Musharraf inaugurated the dry port in the border town of Sust in 2004 and work began on the constructions of canals (Katchi, Thal, Raini canals). A number of motorways have either been completed or are under construction (e.g. M1, M3, M8, M10, M11) and the same goes for a number of highways (N5, N-25, N-35, N-45, N-50, N-55, N-65, N-70, N-75, N-80, S-1, etc.). Pervez Musharraf inaugurated the Makran Coastal Highway (N-10) project in August 2001, consisting of Karachi-Gwadar, Pasni-Gwadar, and Ormara-Liari (Balochistan) Highways. The Sialkot International Airport was completed in 2007 and work began on the Ghandara International Airport (Islamabad), which is set to be completed by Dec. 2010. Gawadar Mega seaport was constructed under Musharraf and, by 2005-2006, 49 public universities were operating in Pakistan (in 1999 we had 31 public universities).

Consider briefly Pakistan’s defence: our defence exports crossed the $200 million mark for the first time in 2006 and Pakistan underwent large-scale nuclear expansion. The safety of our nuclear assets was ensured through the implementation of an excellent command and control regime overseeing them. Our armed forces, the air force and the navy were equipped with the required modern weaponry throughout Musharraf’s term in office. One example, in 2007 Pakistan Navy Ship Zarrar, the first of Multi-Role Tactical Platform (MRTP-33), was commissioned into Pakistan Navy at a ceremony at PN Dockyard.

The above are just a few of the achievements of the Musharraf government which come to mind. For more details and references for the above, please see the links at the end of this message.

How did we repay Musharraf? By voting for known liars and corrupt individuals who looted Pakistan every time they attained power to such an extent that Pakistan had almost become a failed state and a bankrupt country. The goon of our times, Nawaz Sharif, did all he could to destroy Pakistan through large-scale corruption every time he came to power. The late Benazir Bhutto did the same. What the hell is wrong with us? Were we expecting these chors and luchakas, criminals, rascals, scums of earth, the lowest of the low and scoundrels to have done something different for the fifth time? Four times previously they did nothing but corruption and presided over South East Asia’s worst governments. Were we really expecting these people to have changed their ways? Did our people really believe that bastards like Zardari and Nawaz, who have fed their children with the fruits of corruption, would have done something good for the country this time around? How many times does a man need to make a mess of things before your thick head gets it that he will quite likely make the same mistakes again, therefore, best not to give him the same responsibilities again? Are our eyes so blind? Yes, I am saying that there is a serious moral and ethical problem with MANY of our people. You can be illiterate and still know the difference between right and wrong, haram and halal. It appears that many of our people, particularly the ones who voted for the PPPP and PML-N, have lost their ethics somewhere down the line.

Imagine the unbelievable situation: known liars, looters and robbers, such as Zardari and N. Sharif, have ganged up to take revenge against an innocent, decent and humble man, Pervez Musharraf. That N. Sharif and Zardari are corrupt individuals who looted the nation is an incontrovertible fact. This is not a mere allegation. Pervez Musharraf, on the other hand, is neither a filthy rich nor a poor man. He comes from the middle-class and he still belongs to the middle-class, upper middle-class to be precise. We know of no corruption charges levelled upon him personally. Even foes acknowledge that Pervez Musharraf is completely corruption-free. Therefore, we have unchallengeable criminals and scoundrels who are now preparing a silly “charge-sheet” against a universally acknowledged honest man! Only in Pakistan can we have criminals pointing their fingers upon an innocent man and trying their best to harm him! How dare they do this even if, for arguments, their charges were accurate given the fact they broke all corruption records in the past? A criminal has no right to put on trial another criminal! And who will do the trial of these known crooks? How dare they point finger towards anyone else?

Nawaz Sharif is large and fat physically, but he is a very small man mentally. N. Sharif tried to kill Musharraf and even hand him over to Pakistan’s arch enemy, India. This was high treason by N. Sharif for which he was rightfully found guilty and convicted by the Pakistan courts. Pervez Musharraf would have been absolutely justified in demanding N. Sharif’s execution. I so wish he had demanded it. But he didn’t. Musharraf forgave N. Sharif immediately and did not seek revenge. Later, upon the request of N. Sharif’s family and their desperate appeal to the Saudi royal family, Pervez Musharraf immediately allowed N. Sharif and his family to go to Saudi Arabia and live there in unimaginable luxury and comfort. The only restriction placed upon them was that they could not participate in Pakistani politics and enter Pakistan. When N. Sharif’s “abba jee” passed away, Pervez Musharraf offered his condolences to the Sharif family personally over the phone and allowed them to enter Pakistan for the burial proceedings. Pervez Musharraf continued to grant the Sharif family access to Pakistan from time to time on various occasions, such as weddings etc. Later, when N. Sharif’s son fell ill in London, Pervez Musharraf permitted him to go to London to be with his son. So then, despite N. Sharif’s unpardonable crime of treason and the destruction of the Pakistan economy, Pervez Musharraf always remained lenient towards him. This shows the greatness of Pervez Musharraf. In sharp contrast, N. Sharif is a small man with the mindset of a disturbed child and too much arrogance stuck up his high nose (my shoe would have looked better shoved up his nose). He has nothing more than sweet petty revenge on his mind and pure blood in front of his eyes. N. Sharif is such a good Muslim that he knows nothing about forgiving, forgetting and moving on. He cannot bring himself to forgive even though he is the one who was at fault right from the outset. The country does not matter to N. Sharif. His petty revenge and vendetta comes first … all else is secondary. So then, N. Sharif, being the small petty man that he has proved himself to be, will never rest in peace unless and until he achieves his revenge even if it harms the nation immensely.

Pervez Musharraf on a number of times invited everyone, including his opponents, to sit with him on a table, to forget the past, and to work together for the benefit and interest of Pakistan. He even brought about the NRO as a move towards reconciliation. The first ones to reject Pervez Musharraf’s offer, though immediately benefitting from the NRO, were these self-proclaimed “democrats”: N. Sharif and Zardari aka 10%. Is this democracy? Nay, is this even Islam? Islam teaches that if your fellow Muslim offers you a hand in peace, then you MUST accept it and CEASE ALL HOSTILITIES immediately. In fact, even if your non-Muslim enemy offers you a peace offering, then you are obligated to accept it. So by rejecting Pervez Musharraf’s repeated peace offers, not only did these looters, losers and corrupters expose the sham nature of their “democracy” rantings, they also demonstrated how far removed from Islam they truly are.

How on earth can we accept these evil people to bring about democracy in Pakistan when there is no democracy within their parties? Their parties are family properties and this is the way they also envisage running Pakistan.

After today, I hope and pray that Nawaz Sharif and Zardari break all records of looting Pakistan this time around. We deserve it. Since we voted for these confirmed looters, then let them do what they do best: loot. We do not deserve to have good, decent, sober-minded and intelligent rulers such as Pervez Musharraf, for whom only Pakistan comes first. No, we deserve the Sharifs, the Zardaris, the Walis, the Qazis and every other incompetent dimwit and duffer we can think of. You name the idiot and we deserve him/her.

I pray that Allah Subhana Watala punishes and humiliates Nawaz Sharif, Shabaz Sharif, Zardari, Bilawal Zardari, Asfandaryar Wali, Qazi Husain, the liar Ahsan Iqbal, the weird Sherry Rahman and Fazal urRahman (and all other associated crooks) in this world and also punishes and humiliates them in the hereafter, burning them in the fire whose fuel is men and stones. I pray that Allah always protects Pervez Musharraf, his family, friends and all loved ones, grants them courage and patience and make it possible for them to live in peace and normality in Pakistan or wherever they wish to reside. Ameen.

Always your supporters…

Pervez Musharraf hameesha paindabad!


For a list of Musharraf’s achievements, see:


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  1. P for passionate
    E for elegant
    R for radiant
    V for vibrant
    E for energetic
    Z for zealous

    M for majestic
    U for unshakeable
    S for sincere
    H for honest
    A for able
    R for reliable
    R for responsible
    A for ardent
    F for fovourite of 16 crore people of Pakistan

  2. Well I Tell why majority of people of pakistan against pervez musharraf.before i start i request to moderator that before publish my colum plz translate into correct english whatever i am gonna write here.

    Iss country ke saray hoshmand aur parhay likhay log hairan-o-pareshan ho jatay hain yeah daikh kar ke eik insaan jis ne itnay kuch iss mulk ke liyay last 9 years mein kiya aur aus ko admire karna tou chorain aus insaan ka naam aaj iss mulk mein eik gali bana diya gaya hai tou aakhir aisa ku hai.i know ke har bashaore pakistanie yeah sooch sooch ke meri tarha pagal ho jata ho ga.per jab mein ne bahat soocha ke aakhir aisa ku hai tou muj per kuch realities open hoie which i wanna share with this web site readers.

    95% population of pakistan are muslims aur yeah muslim qoum bhi ajeeb-o-ghareeb qoum hai.aap history autha ke daikhain tou pata chalta hai ke jis nizam ki aur jin logoun ki yeah umma misalain daiti hai yani khulfayay Rashdeen tou pata chalta hai ke aun 4 mein se 3 (Hazrat Umer,Usman and Ali) ko inho ne qatal kiya phir jis nabi se mohabbat ka damn bhartay hain aus hi ke nawasay ko karbala mein qatal kiya.phir aap aagay bhartay jayay aur islamic history per nazar dalain tou aisee hi be-shumar misalain aap ko milti jayain ki.near past mein daikhain tou tipu sultan ke sath ghaddari phir aur near aayain tou qaide azam Mohd Ali jinnah,jo ambulance aun ko aakhri waqt mein hospital le ja rahi thi aus ka petrol khatam ho gaya aur half hour talk road per ambulance mein paray rahay phir eik aur mohsiney pakistan Liaqat Ali khan ko bharay majmay mein goli mar di gayi aur aaj tak pata na chal saka ke qatil koun tha phir aaj jis zulfiqar Ali bhutto ko rou rahay hain jab wou zinda thay tou sara mulk aun ke khilaf ho gaya aur wou phansi pe charha diyay gayay aur road per eik tyre na jala tou meray pyaray mulk pakistan ke ba-shoure logoun tum ku apna khoon jala rahay ho ke musharraf ke sath aisa ku ho raha hai aur moderator se bhi meri request ke agar aun ka contact hai Ex president se tou aun tak bhi meri yeah baat pohancha dain ke wou yeah sab jo aaj ho raha hai wou yeah daikha aur sun kar apna dil chouta na karain.Aap eik great insaan thay hain aur rahain gay.yeah qoum aisee hi hai aur shayad aisee hi rahay gi.inn per zardari aur nawaz shareef jaisay hi corrupt aur third class log hi ruler rahain gay because jaise yeah qoum hai waisay hi leader chahati hai .aap bilawajay apni jaan inn logoun ke liyay khatray mein dal rahay hain meri aap se request hai ke plz leave this country and live your rest of life with peace and dignity.warna yeah aap ke sath bhi wahi karain gay jo kuch unho ney pechloun ke sath kiya which i write above.aur aakhir mein i must say that i have no hope for future of pakistan but i also strongly belive that if God wants to save and run farward this country then he send someone like sent it in 1999 name great Sir Pervez Musharraf


    [Moderator: Assalam Alaikum Abbas and thank you for your comments. I am putting it up here without any changes since you have expressed yourself quite clearly. In a few days I will even upload it on the main page of the blog under your name.]

  3. Excellent thought process and analysis.Did’nt people do the same with Ayub and latter cried.


    Today on 30th march i was watching great sir pervez mushrraf telling on media that 73 persons were killed in lal mosque operation.But i wanna tell something new which happend during lal masjid operation jis per awam ki nazar nahi jati.

    Pakistan ki population kitni hai? 16 caror aur army kitni hai inn 16 caror logoun ki hifazat ke liyay, i dont know the correct figure but i think 6 lacs army hai.suppose 6 lacs army bhi hai tou 16 caror mein se 6 lacs nikal dou tou kitnay log bachay 15 caror ninty four lacs people.1,59,400,000 divided by 6,00,000 army tou pata chalta hai ke 1 foji 265 pakistanies ki hifazat ke liyay hai .yeah tou nikal aayi figures.

    Ab agar lal masjid mein 73 log maray gayay tou 12 ya 16 army men wou bhi ssg force ke bhi shaheed howay.i dont remember the correct figures laiken kuch itnay hi army man jin mein bahat hi qabil colonel haroon islam bhi shaheed howay.Ab agar aap 265 logoun per eik army man wala formula jo mein ney ouper mention kiya hai wou apply karain tou it means 12 multiply 256 =3180 yani iss mulk ke 3180 logoun ki hifazat karnay walay 12 jawan bhi shaheed ho gayay tou aus ka zikar koie nahi karta.aap ne kabhi media pe hamid mir ya talat hussain ya jo bhi musharraf dushman ankers hain kabhi kisi ne inn shaheed fojioun ka zikar kiya ke yeah kaisay maray kis ne inn ko mara,yaqeenan lal masjid ke ander jo terriost thay anho ne hi mara na tou qoum ka kitna bara nuqsaan kiya yeah koie nahi bolta.

    Kisi bhi mulk ke logoun ki azadi aur salamti ki responsibility aus mulk ki army hoti hai .aaj pakistan mein jo bhi log rah rahay hain ameer ya ghareeb aun ki salamti aur azadi kon secure karta hai ? pakistan army.kya log bhol gayay ke kawait per half hour mein saddam hussain ne qabza kar liya tha tou meray pakistaniyu agar aaj hamari army strong na ho tou india dair na lagayay yahan apna qabza jamanay soochain agar khodanakhasta aisa ho jayay tou phir kya ameer kya khareeb sab hi ghulam houn gay aur azadi se bari naimat koie nahi.

    zara ghoure karain inn batoun per aur samjhain ke aaj jo army ke baray mein propeganda kiya ja raha hai wou isi sazish ka hissa hai because dushman yeah janta hai ke pakistan ko khatam karna hai tou pehlay iss ki army ko weak karo per mujhay yaqeen hai ke inshallah pakistan army apnay mulk ke dusmanoun se bhi aur inn beghairat corrupt politicians jo ke asal dushman hain iss mulk ke aun se bhi iss mulk ko mahfooz rakhkay gi.
    Khuda ki kasam abb tak jitni bhi army intervensions hoie wou agar na hoti tou yeah chor siyasatdan kab ka iss mulk ko baich ke kha gayay hotay aur bahar mazay aura rahay hotay.

    Gof bless on our country
    Long live pakistan
    Long live musharraf.

    Note: Dear moderator plz e.mail me then i can discus and advice with you that how we can more improve this web site and tell the truth to the people of pakistan.i belive agar eik bhi pakistani ko hum convence kar lain tou yeah iss mulk ki khidmat ho gi. thanks.

  5. Abbas Sahab
    Bilkul Bajja farmaya aapnai.Aaj Lahore main jo tazza tareen waqiyya huwa hai woh Pervez Musharraf kai Haq Bajanib hounai ki gawahee daita hai.

    Accademy kai andar hamla awaroun kai saath kiya salouk kiya gaya?

    Wahan training lainai walai bachai bhee to talib-e-ilm thai?

    Malik Rehman nai aaj wohee baat kahee hai jo Musharraf kehtai hain .Kai yeah saab kiya dhara Al qaeedah ka hai.

    Aab lough kis pai muqadma chalain gai.

    Allah is quam kou hadayat dai .Ur unkee ankhain kholai kai jo aaj Lahore accademy main huwa hai jamia hafsa kai loug yeah kerna chahtai thai.

    Awam kai pass sirf aik rasta hai ,awam fauj aur police milker in mulk dusman anaser ka muqabla karai.

    Main hamaisha souchtee houn kai jab awam hee kou tahafaz muyasir nahein tou phir Jamhouriat ka kiya kerna hai?

    Lakin awam kou her haal main jamhouriat chaheeyai hai.

    Main khud Jamhuriat ki behaad qaeel houn ,magar jab jaggah jaggah kerfew nafiz houga aur kabhee hungama arayee hougee ,kabhee khudkush hamlai houngai aur kabhee khulam khula dehshat gardee tou phir Shareeyoun kai tahafuz kai liyae kiya lahya e amal houna chahiyai?

    Mulk main emergency nafiz ki jayee.Magar is waqat hamree fauj ko behaad mushkalaat ka samna hai.

    Aur inteshaar aur khilfshaar kai siwa mulk main kuch deekhai nahein daita.

    Hallat din badin abtar houtai ja rahain hain.

    Sirf Allah sai dua ki ja saktee hai,baqee mughai logoun sai koi umeedh nahein ka koi bhee in halaat per qaboo pa sakai.

    Is kai liyaa jurat,husla aur faisla kun jawab dainai ki zaroorat hai,magar lagta hai hamaishan ki tarah ,hamarai siyasee leadran kai zaatee mafadaat araai aatai hain.

    Lal masjid and missing Pakistani cases should be closed now anyway and fresh cases should be started against the people who were handed over to USA and againstthe people and supporters of Jammia Hafsa?

  6. I personally love this man, but in end he did some mistakes because he was accompanied by some very bad politicians. But he name was written in history as True Pakistani man and lover of Pakistan.

  7. From Star he was against Extremist but then he take them in his goverment (MMA). He really did some wrong which make the situation very bad. But the only way to solve this problem is that Pakistan should eliminate all religious extremist and fanatic people, and young take over the Pakistan and kick out all old Politicians.

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