Posted by: uss017 | June 11, 2008

Pro-Musharraf rally – cancelled

[Update: Unfortunately this rally had to be cancelled since the new government, particularly in Sindh, was not really eager and willing to provide the required level of security. Furthermore, the organisers were viciously harassed and threatened throughout. At least one young rally organiser was forced to change his address upon receiving numerous threats. Our new “democrats” (demon-crats) are so fully intoxicated with the spirit of ‘democracy’ that they feel they must do all they can to silence the expression of a differing viewpoint. We are witnessing hypocrisy at a massive scale here]


A peaceful rally in support of President Pervez Musharraf will take place in Karachi and Islamabad in July. People from all walks of life are invited to participate in this pro-Pakistan and pro-Musharraf rally. Pakistan Zinddaaaaaa baad!! MUSHARRAF ZINDABAD!

Date & time:

    Karachi – July 12, 2008
    Islamabad – July 12, 2008

Timings: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

please call your Group Leader for confirmation

To Participate in the rally Please contact these Group Leaders for detailed info:

    Group Leader for Sindh, Karachi: Basim Ahmed : 03222443153
    Group Leader for Punjab, Islamabad: Ali Farooq : 03214999937

Contact the above group leaders if you would also like to volunteer and assist them with the various tasks.

Atiqa Odho will be joining the organisers in helping to promote this rally on different talk shows etc.

You can also join this facebook group entitled: PEACEFUL RALLY IN SUPPORT OF PRESIDENT PERVEZ MUSHARRAF



  1. I want to join the peoples of Pakistan to welcome our leader Musharraff in london in this month. kindly send me a formal invitation. thank you
    east london

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