Posted by: uss017 | December 13, 2007

The face of PPP’s new leadership

Please see:

To be very honest, the above does not surprise me much. Most Pakistani (and Muslim) friends I had in University engaged in such activities routinely. Bilalwal isn’t the only one.

The part which concerns me is that this currently 19 year old will in a few years be running a major political party. No one this young (and this ‘lively’) has the right to run a political party representing at least a couple of million people of a nation.

The only reason why he has instantly been promoted to this prime position is not because he deserved it but simply because he is B. Bhutto’s son. This is unfair and unethical. A political party should allow the emergence of genuine leadership from within its ranks through a democratic process. It seems PPP is in no mood to practise what they preach (democracy).


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