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Raja Pervez Ashraf the liar

On 3rd April, the following statement by Raja Pervez Ashraf circulated on GEO TV’s news strip at the bottom of the screen (all emphasis added, unless otherwise stated):

    “The government is facing a shortage of 3000 MW. The previous government was unable to produce even 1 MW.”

The above assertion was also subsequently repeated on a PTV programme by another gentleman (name unknown) who said:

    “Pitchley hakoomat aik mega watt bijli bhee paida nahi kar saki.” Translation: The previous government was unable to produce even 1 MW of electricity.”

Later, on the 7th of April, Raja Pervez Ashraf had this to say in a press conference:

    “Pitchley 12 saal mey aik megawatt bijli paida nahi ki gai.” Translation: “In the past 12 years not even 1 MW of electricity was produced.”

The Dawn online quotes Raja Pervez Ashraf as follows:

    He [Raja Pervez Ashraf] said not a single megawatt had been added to the national grid over the past 10 to 11 years, including the tenure of the past government which had made tall claims.“Should I call it a deliberate attempt, criminal negligence or simply the anti-people attitude of the previous government, which failed to provide a vital need of daily life for all Pakistanis, be it a common man or an industrialist,” said the minister.

The assertion that “not even 1 MW” was added to the national grid by the previous government or in the past 10, 11 and 12 years has since been parroted ad nauseum by other members of the new regime such as Sherry Rahman and Asif Ali Zardari aka Mr. 10%.

For those who may not know, Raja Pervez Ashraf belongs to the PPPP and is the new Federal Minister for Water and Power.

The above quoted comments are more than enough to conclude that Raja Pervez Ashraf is a confirmed liar. When he asserts again and again that “not even 1 MW was added to the national grid,” then he is uttering a bald-faced lie since MUCH MORE THAN 1 MW was added to the national grid by the previous government.

That Raja Pervez Ashraf is shamelessly lying can be easily seen by considering these facts:

    • In Musharraf era: The 1450 MW Ghazi Brotha Hydel Project (GBHP) went into operation in June 2003.

    • Nuclear power plant Chashma-2, came on-line in 2007, has added another 300MW to the national grid.

    Chashma-1 – built by China and started commercial operation in 2000 – added 300 MW to the national grid.

Let us remind ourselves what Raja Pervez Ashraf has said repeatedly with confidence: “In the past 12 years not even 1 MW of electricity was produced.” If this is not a lie, I don’t know what is.

The final nail in the coffin:

In 1999 our installed capacity was merely 15,860 MW. (With Hydel 4826 + Thermal 10,897 + Nuclear 137). But in 2005-06 our installed capacity increased to become 20,495 MW. (With Hydel 6499 + Thermal 13,534 + Nuclear 462). [source]



Wind Energy Sector Overview:

225 wind water pumping systems have been installed in Balochistan. Over 140 micro wind turbines of 500 Watts each are operational in Sindh and Balochistan, providing electricity to 691 houses in eighteen ( 18 ) remote, off-grid villages.

Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has been assigned by the Government of Pakistan with the target of producing 700 MW of Wind Power by the year 2010 and 9700 MW by the year 2030, through the private sector. Currently, there are 84 IPPs in the country, who are planning to install 50 MW wind farm each, on a “BOO” or “BOOT” basis, under the Policy for Development of Renewable Energy for Power Generation 2006 issued by the Government of Pakistan.


According to another source:

Pakistan’s total power generating capacity has increased rapidly in recent years, due largely to foreign investment, leading to a partial alleviation of the power shortages Pakistan often faces in peak seasons.

If our power generating capacity has “increased rapidly”, then, in the language of an idiot, much more than 1 MW has been added to the national grid.

The work which the previous government, under Musharraf, carried out, as well as their future plans, can be read in the above reports and some of the details can also be seen here:

The inescapable conclusion once again is that Raja Pervez Ashraf is a liar.

There would have been nothing wrong had Raja Pervez Ashraf said that while the previous government was successful in increasing the capacity of our national grid, we are still, nonetheless, facing a power shortage. Such an explanation would have been perfectly fine. But when, in anger, Raja Pervez Ashraf blurts out that “not even 1 MW was added to the national grid by the previous government,” then he is engaging in deception and is uttering an outright lie.

What comes as a surprise is the overly lax attitude displayed by our otherwise hyper media in the face of such blatant bald-faced lies by opponents of our honourable President Musharraf. While the media tends to be too quick to “rebut” and “disprove” any statement made by President Musharraf and his supporters, even if through ridiculous means, it appears to be unwilling to critically question confirmed thumb-sucking liars such as Raja Pervez Ashraf.

Surely, it is in the face of such factually erroneous assertions – particularly when they are emanating from individuals holding influential posts – when a trained reporter/journalist is supposed to get into action and critically confront/question the individuals presenting disinformation. But this is simply not happening. Why? Where is the ‘scholar’ Dr Shahid Masood? Why does he not enlighten the public with a typical conspiracy theory of his to explain why Raja Pervez Ashraf had to lie (e.g. the American’s kidnapped Raja Pervez Ashraf and implanted a ‘lie telling’ micro-chip in his brain so that he tells lies in order to cause the PPPP much embarrassment etc)? And what about Hamid Mir? Why is he not confronting Raja Pervez Ashraf on his false claim?

This is just one example of a lie being uttered to mislead the masses by old looters and corrupt politicians, who have been brought back to power in the previous elections by morally/ethically bankrupt voters, which has been ignored by the media. Many more similar blatant lies are being circulated by the friends of Raja Pervez Ashraf which we will be exposing one by one in the future.

See also:


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  1. Anjum Kiani The so many problems are not created by Musharraf and these problems were non existent during Musharraf regime. Why all this was created the answer is very simple if you have opened your eyes. The top reason is Talibaans and the things got worse when most of media and politicians started supporting these Talibaans. Actually they wanted to destabilize Musharraf but they destabilized Pakistan. Things became worse when Judges and lawyers went out of control. Why? Too many factors but the main theme was to bring back Nawaz Sharif and take all the charges off him. the conspiracy was leaked and Chief Justice was tried to step down but the media prevented that. The result a huge chaos.
    The death of Benazeer. Only single night there was Rs. 60 billion loss and deprivation of investors confidence. Lastly the total incapable people were put into power. For moths PPP had no finance minister. The acting Finance minister Dar gave some irresponsible statements resulting in total collapse of Stock market. Still a non economist is running Pakistan’s economy. What he is doing just begging for loans and aids.
    I have just gave some hints.
    And remember freedom of free speech doesn’t include abuses and lies. If these lies and abuses are spoken by any politicians even in India he is immediately disqualified for 5 years.
    Some of our politicians things that in politics foul and dirty language and lies are permissible not not at all. Not in any system of government.
    I think it is one of the cardinal reason why democracy has been a symbol of lies and deception and corruption. Because giving these statements are never punished in Pakistan. Our lawyers and Judges stretch the case so long and put so much ambiguity that whole system o justice is failed. Resulting in destruction of democracy and the country.

  2. hereunder is another nice addition to the “album of lies” that raja pervez ashraf is compiling 🙂

    A fact: April 19, 2009, PM Yousaf Raza Gilani inaugurates Zorlu Wind Farm Project in Jhampir Town in District Thatta.

    A Lie: “It is another feather in the cap of Pakistan Peoples Party” and “We have made it possible under the able leadership of our president Asif Ali Zardari”, Raja Pervez Ashraf, Minister for Water and Power.

    The Real Truth : Dawn, January 22, 2007

    THATTA, Jan 22: Federal Minister for Water and Power Liaquat Jatoi performed ground-breaking ceremony of the first wind power plant of the country in Jhampir town on Monday.

    Turkish energy group Zorlu Energy will invest in, construct, operate and maintain the plant which is expected to generate 50MW electricity and cost between $80 and 90 million US dollars.

    Briefing the minister, the officials said that the plant, likely to start production during the current year, would open employment opportunities for local people and boost local commercial activities in the area.

    Talking to journalists, Mr Jatoi said that the government had executed schemes in the areas of water and power in defunct Hyderabad division at a cost of Rs1 billion. He said that the laying down 132kv power line from Nooriabad to Thatta was in progress.

    Khuda k Liye koi bataye, yeh log or kitna jhoot bolain gay J

  3. Hi friends,
    Here’s another one.

    our current PM, while inaugurating the 165MW power plant of Attock Gen, in Morgah Rawalpindi on April 7 this year, claimed it as an achievement of his government. But the real truth is hereunder:

    President performs Ground Breaking Ceremony
    of Attock Gen Limited on May 12, 2007
    The Ground breaking ceremony of 165 MW Power
    Plant of Attock Gen Limited, the first power sector
    venture of the Attock Group of Companies, was held on May 12, 2007. President General Pervez
    Musharraf, the Chief Guest, unveiled the
    plaque at an impressive ceremony at Morgah,
    Rawalpindi, in the presence of Governor Punjab,
    Federal Ministers, a large number of government
    officials and other dignitaries……

    This is available on attock gen website.


    [Moderator: Thank you so much for informing me about this! I need to update the blog desperately now….Inshallah in a few days!]

  4. It is a good article. Plus it is a nice idea to keep a log of what our politicians are saying. This way we can track them until the next elections and may be this would help our brothers and sisters vote sensibly. I have also come across another page:

    It would be nice if either of the two pages keeps an upto date list of our Water and Power Minister.

  5. can we do somthing more, creat a databank of email of the supporter and going forward meet and convert into a unity voice agaisnst all these media currupts and illiterate politicians

  6. Dear all,
    I say well done to all by taking part in such healthy dialogue.
    These politicians have nothing to do with Pakistan they just want to get the money and disappear again we need person like Musharraf to bring harmony in the Country.
    Please join and read poem ,Musharraf nay kia badla. I assure you that you will like it.

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