Posted by: uss017 | December 13, 2007

Lie about U.S. aid

US Aid of $10 bn are misleading: Flynt Leverett

Haters of President Musharraf claim that Pakistan received $10 bn worth of aid from the U.S. This assertion has been given a lie by Flynt Leverett, a leading authority on U.S. foreign policy, the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, and global energy issues, who said:

… speaking at a Washington think tank, a senior expert Flynt Leverett acknowledged Pakistan’s key efforts in the fight against terrorism and came down on critics who in their discussions keep harping on U.S. extending 10 billion dollars in assistance to the ally. He noted that statements that the United States has provided Pakistan with $10 billion in assistance since Sept 11, 2001 are misleading. “Let’s be true, more than half of that amount is not true “assistance” but rather reimbursements for costs accrued by the Pakistani military supporting U.S. counterterrorism operations,” he said at the New American Foundation. Leverett also called for being honest and sober in expecting what Pakistan can do in fighting terrorism. …

For a detailed exposition of the false charge of U.S. aid, see:


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  1. […] also repeated the infamous lie that Pakistan received “more than $10 billion” (see this and this) aid from the U.S. over the past 7 years under Musharraf, that Americans believed that […]

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