Posted by: uss017 | December 13, 2007

Some Thoughts on the Lahore Blasts

Some Thoughts on the Lahore Blasts

Murad Ansari

Like all of you, today I woke up with the news of 2 bomb blasts in the cultural capital of our beloved country, Lahore. I am shocked, saddened and depressed. I am also angry because the blast occurred in my neighbourhood in Lahore which shook my house and shattered the window panes in the area.

But we have to remain hopeful. We have to stay united. These are testing times for us. How we react to such attacks, which shake our very foundations, show our character. In the case of Pakistan, we have to show the character of our nation by staying strong, determined and hopeful so that the weak can derive strength from us. All will be lost if we, the educated youth of Pakistan, lose faith in our country.

Our best source of strength lies in the example of the Muslims of the 7th century. These Muslims were persecuted, tortured and eventually exiled from Mecca by the Quraish for several years. Many were also forced to live in the desert without food, water, and basic necessities of life. Many also lost their lives. But, as a nation worshipping One God, they stayed united. The early Muslims faced these hardships bravely and, as a result, emerged from the crises victorious.

We have to remember those who lost their lives in these blasts. Their lives have not gone in vain since we will continue to cherish their memories and pray for their souls. The perpetrators of these cowardly acts belong to Satan. They are his minions and will be dealt with harshly by God. But we as a great nation must play our part. We have to show the world that even during these turbulent times we are strong; strong in our minds and in our hearts.

Pakistan Zindabad!


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