Posted by: uss017 | December 13, 2007

Damn lie

Lord Nazir Ahmed attended an anti-Musharraf rally outside 10 Downing Street, London, on 28/01/08. On this day President Musharraf was meeting Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

I wish to expose a lie uttered by Lord Nazir Ahmed in this rally which was telecasted on the BBC, GEO and other channels.

Lord Nazir Ahmed proudly said that President Musharraf was boasting that Pakistan’s GDP growth rate was “16%.” With a smile on his face, Lord Nazir proceeded to innocently enquire (paraphrasing): “how can it be when the GDP of England itself is just 2%?

This proves that Lord Nazir Ahmed is a liar since Pervaiz Musharraf NOT ONCE asserted that Pakistan’s GDP growth rate was “16%.” This number has never been uttered by President Musharraf. Instead, Pervaiz Musharraf has again and again (rightfully) mentioned the rates of 6.5%, 6% and 7%.

Pervaiz Musharraf did not concoct these figures. These are the figures submitted by independent sources such as the IMF, the World Bank, and (more recently) the Economist. For example, a recent article in the Economist states (all emphasis added):

…the economy is expected to grow between 6.5% and 7% in 2008.

According to the latest IMF report (for 2006-2007):

Real GDP growth increased to 7 percent

For 2007-2008:

Real GDP growth is projected by the staff at 6½–7 percent in 2007/08.

According to the World Bank, Pakistan’s GDP growth rate was 7.3% in 2005 and 6.2% in 2006.

Someone might argue that Lord Nazir Ahmed simply made an innocent mistake when he claimed that Musharraf was stating that Pakistan’s GDP growth rate was “16%”. This is certainly possible, though I don’t see how such a horrendous “mistake” could have been committed. To begin with, the numbers ‘6’, ‘6.5’ and ‘7’ do not sound like ’16’. Therefore, how on earth could Lord Nazir Ahmed hear the number ’16’ when President Musharraf uttered the numbers ‘6’, ‘6.5’ and ‘7’?

Perhaps Lord Nazir Ahmed has a severe hearing problem and, therefore, made an innocent mistake? I don’t think so. Is it likely to suppose that he hears the number ’16’ when numbers ‘6’, ‘6.5’ and ‘7’ are uttered, while having exhibited no similar hearing difficulty when it comes to all other numbers and words?

I would say that Lord Nazir Ahmed was uttering a deliberate lie on this occasion. His purpose was to make fun of President Musharraf and to portray him as a dumb person. That is why Lord Nazir Ahmed was smiling and excitedly saying (paraphrase), “Musharraf says Pakistan’s GDP growth rate is 16%! How could that be?!” Alas, Lord Nazir Ahmed only succeeded in making a fool of himself on this occasion.

To borrow a line from Mr. T:

I pity the fool.

Secondly, besides lying on purpose, Lord Nazir Ahmed also appeared to be suggesting that it was not possible to grow beyond the UK’s GDP growth rate. If so, then he is perhaps likely to be shocked to learn the fact that India’s real GDP growth rate was 8.9% in 2007. There is no “law” which states that no nation can exceed UK’s GDP growth rate. Many countries, some of them being China, India, Pakistan, have a higher GDP growth rate.


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  1. I think he is just a “Wanabe” or like a “mule in a horse’s harness” and come’s out holier than thou… I never take him seriously…. he is a PPP pusher..

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