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Benazir Bhutto conspiracy

A variety of conspiracy theories came to life within the very first hour of Benazir Bhutto’s passing and began circulating/propagating on our news channels and on a variety of internet websites. In my opinion, the ones primarily responsible for spreading such theories are the non-professional journalists of Pakistan. I was startled by the attitude of the journalists and reporters in Mr. Cheema’s Press briefings, who were unnecessarily confrontational and hostile in their questioning, some even taking the opportunity to give brief cynical lectures. My impression was that many of these reporters and journalists were not really interested in knowing the truth; they already ‘knew’ what had ‘happened’ and had thus made up their minds.

Some of the clumsiness, ineptness, and mistakes committed by the local police and authorities are being viewed and interpreted purely in terms of a conspiracy. It is as if no genuine mistakes can ever occur and there can be no such thing as genuine ineptness; everything which appears to be a ‘mistake’ is in reality a wilful act by design with an underlying sinister purpose.

Unfortunately, my perception is that most, if not all, Pakistanis (in fact, Muslims in general!) have lost virtually all facility/ability to think critically on their own feet and to use plain and simple commonsense to make sense of matters. That is why a suicide bombing, for crying out loud, is being attributed not to the terrorists/extremists but to the government! The intellectual calibre exhibited by most Muslims is just laughable and embarrassing. There appears to be a brain-drain occurring amongst our people on a massive scale with pure dumbness and the thoughtless coming to the fore.

Enough of my ranting. Please see this recent report by the Guardian:

Three excerpts will suffice (all emphasis added):

US and British officials have said that an intercepted satellite telephone conversation in which Mehsud offers congratulations to a fellow militant for the killing appears credible.

And (citing a “Western official with extensive security expertise in Pakistan“):

He said all the evidence supported the Pakistani government’s original – hotly contested – assertion that Bhutto died from a violent blow to the head caused by the suicide blast as she ducked into her vehicle. Film showing her headscarf lifting up after the shooting was caused by her attempt to quickly retreat into the car, he said.


For all the evidence of police ineptitude, there is no evidence of a government conspiracy. Bhutto would almost certainly be alive if she had not ignored police advice and stopped her armoured car on her way from a political rally, so that she could stand up in her socks on the rear seat and poke her head out of the sunroof to wave at supporters.

‘She made herself such an easy target that a 16-year-old boy could have walked up and got her,’ a Western security expert said.


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