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Exposing Nawaz Sharif’s corruption

The following is an excellent programme exposing some of the corruption conducted by Nawaz Sharif by the host of DM Digital, Farhan Aslam, who also used to work for ARY Digital a few years ago.

The report has been divided into six segments. I will offer a short summary of the discussion, followed by the clips themselves.

Brief summary

Nawaz Sharif’s only agenda was to make money. In order to achieve this goal, he formed/changed laws and policies for his personal benefit and expanded his business empire by misusing his authority as Prime Minister.

Interestingly enough and ironically, the PPP played a major role in exposing the corruption of Nawaz Sharif and his family. The Jamaat-e-Islami had also levelled a number of corruption allegations upon Nawaz Sharif. As we know, later Sharif and his cronies also played a role in exposing the corruption of Benazir Bhutto and her PPP. In other words, both Sharif and Bhutto have been busy over the years actively accusing each other of committing corruption.

Nawaz Sharif is widely acknowledged to be a highly incompetent person, with a mediocre I.Q. level. The brain behind him was that of his late “Abba Jee” (‘daddy’) – the mastermind and the main decision maker behind the scene.

In order to consolidate and attain more power, N. Sharif attacked every individual and institutions he felt could get in the way challenge his authority. In order to get rid of the then Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who was despised by Sharif, the later created divisions among the judges to make life difficult for the Chief Justice. A group of judges refused to acknowledge Shah as the Chief Justice and things got so bad that a number of junior judges put hurdles in the way of the Chief Justice in order to make it difficult for him to carry out his duties. Eventually, Sharif ordered his thugs to attack the Supreme Court in order to prevent the Chief Justice from giving a ruling against him.

The police did nothing to stop Sharif’s thugs as they attacked and entered the Supreme Court. The judges inside the building barely managed to escape. The thugs, led by Sajjad Naseem and Mushtaq Tahir, Nawaz Sharif’s political secretaries, entered the court chanting anti-Sajjad slogans and destroyed the furniture.

Next, consider Nawaz Sharif’s relationship with the press and media. Two examples will suffice. On 8th May 1999, Najam Sethi, a prominent journalist of Pakistan, was arrested by the police on the orders of Sharif. Sethi has committed the crime of annoying Nawaz Sharif by writing a critical essay against him. The police broke into Sethi’s house at around 2 am and beat him up in his bedroom in front of his wife, after which he was transported off to a secret location. The police trashed Sethi’s house, broke the furniture and beat him up quite bad. Sethi was only released after a lot of international pressure had built up against Sharif. Sharif also demanded the Jang Group to get rid of all the journalists who were critical of him. To achieve this goal, Sharif and his cronies used a variety of legal and illegal means to pressure the Jang Group into compliance.

There is probably no institution in Pakistan which Nawaz Sharif did not aggressively confront in order make them comply to his wishes. Besides picking on a fight with the President, the Judiciary and the already restricted/limited media, Sharif also decided to have a confrontation with the army, the only viable institution left in Pakistan. Chief of Army Staff, General Jehangir Karamat, and Nawaz Sharif had a conflict over an issue pertaining to the national security council and both entered into a heated discussion, after which Gen. Karamat had to offer his resignation. Jehangir Karamat thus became the first Chief of Army Staff in the history of Pakistan to have left the army in this prematurely in this manner.

One by one all challenges and potential obstacles were removed from the way by Nawaz Sharif. Ghulam Ishaq Khan, Farooq Leghari, Sajjad Ali Shah, and Jehangir Karamat, as well as others, were all removed from the scene by Sharif.

After the removal of Jehangir Karamat, Sharif appointed Pervaiz Musharraf as the Chief of Army Staff. Some analysts at the time said that Sharif made this decision thinking that Pervaiz Musharraf was an Urdu speaker and did not belong to a Punjabi army family, thus very unlikely to be a threat to Sharif!

Things became sour between Sharif and Musharraf during the Kargil episode. Later, once a relative of Sharif was removed from the army by Musharraf, that was the final nail in the coffin. Sharif then decided to take his revenge and replace Gen. Musharraf with a fellow of his liking who would be controllable (the head of the I.S.I. at the time).

Farhan Aslam also comments upon the ill-advised economic decisions of Sharif which made Pakistan’s situation from bad to worse. Moreover, he comments upon the Sharif family’s personal business empire and how it grew exponentially through questionable means.

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 1)

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 2)

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 3)

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 4)

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 5)

(Nawaz Sharif’s corruption Exposed, Part 6)

I am just flabbergasted to know that there are still some people around who support and are willing to go to great lengths to defend this despicable character. By large, this guy looted our country and created mayhem. He attacked every institution within the country, not even sparing the army, and even dreamt of becoming the so-called “Amir ul-Mumineen”!

Listen to any of his recent talks and interviews and all you encounter is the usual waffle, empty rhetoric and emotions. This is all he has to misled the masses and the sad part is that there are people around who find his rubbish convincing!

If you vote and support this guy, then you deserve to be looted by him since you are worse than him. WAKE UP!

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  1. Mian Nawaz Sharif, during his tenure as Chief Minister Punjab from 1988-90, deprived the provincial departments of Rs. 15.35 billion.

    The Auditor General Report released in the year 1988 reported that Mian Nawaz Sharif, misusing his authority as Chief Minister Punjab, issued directives which resulted into direct malpractice of Rs. 35 billion.

    The report said that the Chief Minister Secretariat had been turned out to be a hub of corrupt practices and Nawaz Sharif wasted the public money like an ’emperor’ that resulted into huge fiscal deficit of the province.

    The Auditor General Report released in the year 1986 said that the then Chief Minister Nawaz Sharif had used Rs. 120 Crore for malpractices in only one year.

    Nawaz Sharif allotted 3000 precious LDA plots among his favorites due to which the provincial assets suffered loss of billions of rupees.

    Nawaz Sharif ordered the CBR to issue several CBRs due to which got Rs. 40 Crore.

    Mian Nawaz Sharif was the lead character of the Cooperative and Financial Institutions Scam, which deprived the retired employees, orphans, widows, and poor of their total assets amounting to Rs. 17 billion.

    Nawaz Sharif released Rs. 1.2 million from his discretionary grant in the year 1985-86 while Rs. 18950,000 were released in 1986-87, Rs. 18990,000 were used in 1987-88 while another Rs. 18870,000 were distributed among his cronies.

    The first tenure of Mian Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister in the year 1990 saw another reign of loot and plunder. During this period Mian Nawaz Shairf obtained Rs. 3 billion loan from Banks through his influence against inadequate guarantees. According to the details Rs.1.5 billion loan was obtained against Ittefaq Foundries, Rs.302 million were obtained for Brothers Sugar Mills, Rs.92 million for Brothers Textile, Rs. 392 million for Brothers Steel Mills, Rs.102 million for Ramzan Sugar Mills and Khalid Siraj Textiles each, Rs.385 million for Ittefaq Sugar Mills, Rs.368 million for Ittefaq Textiles and Rs.239 million were loaned to Ittefaq Brothers. Due to the malpractice the national wealth was used for establishing personal empire while the country’s economy was facing huge disaster. This loan was equivalent to the total internal loan obtained by the government of Pakistan.

    In a letter to the then president Muhammad Rafiq Tarer, the then Additional Director General FIA Rehman Malik also leveled serious corruption charges against Nawaz Sharif who was sitting Prime Minister.

    The charges are based on investigation also include money laundering of billions of dollars; Wheat Import Scam; allotment of contract of Motorway to Daewoo Company; Grabbing of heavy loans despite being defaulter; Sharif family’s UK hidden business; Commission in privatization of MCB; etc.

  2. I think that Sharif family and zardari and Bhuttos are all enemies and traitors of Pakistan. Nawz Looted billions of ruppees and Zardaree was the most notorious charachter in pakistan.He looted billions of dollars. He and Nawaz both want pakistan to be their personal property.
    Asif Ali zardari was blamed of corruption in the reign of Be Nazeer Bhutto.He was called Mr. 10 percent. I think he will sell pakistan at the rate of 10 pennies per square foot if he could get an oppertunity.
    As far as Nawaz is concerned Lahore’s Heera Mandi has true stories of his bad and loose charachter.
    there are Dallals who can tell you stories about him and his brother shehbaz. alas pakistan is going in the hands of some very bad and very dirty people ever born on this earth.


  4. you all people support musharraf because he is an urdu speaker.He allowed America to use Pakistan as battle field and now india from east and america from afghanistan will attack us.This bloody man also sold many Pakistani Like Dr Aafia.


    [Moderator’s response: Assalam Alaikum Polki,

    This is a very poor reaction to the exposition of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption record. For arguments sake let us say that you are right, how does that justify Nawaz Sharif’s corruption record? It does not.

    Beginning with your last allegations first: 1. Musharraf did not “sell” any Pakistanis to Americans, including Dr. Aafia (how she landed in Afghanistan is still a mystery. Afghans insist they captured her from within Afghanistan); 2. Musharraf did not “allow” America to “use” Pakistan as a “battlefield.” This is a very distorted way of putting it.

    In response to your first point: everyone here that I know of supports Musharraf because of the good work he did and not merely for being “Urdu speakers.” I do not know anyone here who said that “I support Musharraf because he is Urdu speaker!” We have listed Musharraf’s many accomplishments on this blog and all of these accomplishments are reasons given by us to support Musharraf. Secondly, many Punjabis support Nawaz Sharif because he is Punjabi and many Sindhi’s support the Bhuttos and Zardari because they are Sindhi. Likewise, many Pathans support Asfandaryar Wali because he is Pathan. If you do not have a problem with this, then you should also not have a problem with Urdu speakers supporting Musharraf for being an Urdu speaker. If you continue to have a “problem” with this, then you only expose yourself as a hypocrite. Thirdly, many of us writing here are NOT Urdu speakers and yet we support Musharraf. For example, I come from a mixed family, predominantly Punjabi and yet I support Musharraf. I personally know plenty of Punjabis and Pathans who support Musharraf. There are many commentators on this blog who are not Urdu speakers and who still support Musharraf.

    Generally speaking, however, Pakistani society is a much divided society where people often support/oppose individuals and parties based on ethnic lines. This is a sad reality. But it is not right to isolate just one group while giving a blind eye to all the rest. Try to be a bit fair and reasonable in your comments. ]

  5. Dearest Pakistan

    Why I am not surprised to read your comment.For obvious reason only using the name of Pakistan you can try to divide and bring hate.

    I am Kashmiri originally born and brought up in Lahore,so in those terms maybe a Punjabi(what difference does it make?)

    I support Musharaff yes becasue he is Urdu speaking Migrant,these people have more civilised and cultural values of metropolitan city ,are more mature because they have political thought and background.They are the people brought up with dialogue and reason.Only Nation in Pakistan with a sense of humour,it is a symbol of maturity.
    This is to let you know Thanks God finally there are people in and from Pkaistan who do not value others because of wealth and cast /bradari.
    Instead we value a person what he has to offer.
    Musharaff is one such person.He is leader because of his personal vision and policies .We follow his deliverence.
    Otherwise Nawaz lives in my neighbour hood,very good looking and wealthy guy but this is not a criteria for a leader.

    2.He allowed Pakistan to use as a battlefield for America:my view is he saved Pakistan from becoming a battle field.
    Now since he resigned Pakistan has become a batllefield.

    2.Why do you think India will attack you,Zardari is extending a friendship hand to them?So if you extend a warm hand for friendship and get a blow on your teeth what does it mean?

    3.Regarding solding Pakistanis:
    I do not know where I will end up tomorrow?it can be prison of USA,British or PAkistan or a bullet from Extremists.
    All I can do is try to do myself a favour and stay out of trouble by not visiting Afghanistan,by not accepting money for doing nothing.By not allowing people to use my mobile and internet without my not buying stolen mobile and computer and not use second hand sim card.
    in Guantanamobay it is not only Dr.Afia Sidique it is muslims from all over the world.
    You tell me when Afghanis are abandoning their own country why these people visit there?
    Without having any blood relation or social tie why these people take risk to wander in the battle ground.
    all the way from USA.One thing whole of PAkistan is forgetting is she was residing in USA?
    In Britan recently we have two doctors who tried to blow up Glasgow airport last year.They were caught ,the case is in the court.if these people have run to Pakistan it is our International responsibility to hand them over.
    World is no more isolated scattred small places any more.If a British or USA citizen has comitted a crime in PAksiatn and if Pakistan wants that person back they have to take up their case and they can have him.
    I do not want to judge Afia neither I am saying she is criminal or whatever is happening to her is right.
    I wish her well and have a concern for her children and her personal safety.
    i hope she survives this.
    Extremists have put us in a very hostile and unfriendly situation all over the world.
    Let us try to help ourselves.

  6. I request the moderator to visit the website called basically its a cricket blog but you will find a page called POLITICS on the right side of the home page, click and read the comments.

    There is a very interesting debate going on about how Nawaz Sharif looted the country and there are a few people who are supporting NS and few defending Musharaf. Since you guys have a lot of information, please come and comment on the blog to defend Musharaf and expose NS the tindoo lutera, jhoota. Also, that Chaudhary Chief Justice who got a Medal of Freedom from the Harvard Law School needs to be exposed. So, please come and contribute your views.


  7. […] […]

  8. salaam,
    it is nice to see that all comments posted are at least given a chance to have a viewpoint
    we may agre with some and may offer a rational reason which includes common sense of the others argument
    I live here in the UK my parents hail from Kashmir and we do not speak Urdu or Punjabi, We love Pakistan,
    The truth is always the truth , we may not like what we read ,see or hear however it is still the truth.
    Gen (r) Musharaaf ex-President of Pakistan was the best thing to happen to Pakistan in many years
    I can mention many things but we all know what has happened and in many cases why, he wasted no time in resoring the dignity of Pakistan and between the years of 1999-2002 the majority of Pakistanis wre happy to see the Army in places such as Police stations,P.O,at the Wapda Offices,at the Airports the list can go on and on the amount of coruption was down dramaticlly I challange even those who disagree with Gen(r) Musharaaf now to tell me that they were not happy in Pakistan between 1999-2002 only those whos families had something to hide ie: ill gotten monies or land deals were not happy in Pakistan and they either fled to Saudi-Arabia,UAE ,U.K or USA
    The real problems started when the elections of 2002 re-elected some of the old Guard and then the inner coruption of some of these people began to surface
    We were given Free and Fair elections in 2002 and 2008 if WE chose CORRUPT leaders then we cannot blame someone else for our mistakes.

  9. What can i say. Its just that Cj is of Nawaz and Nawaz has supported him, so then what is the problem if CJ is clearing all the mess from Nawaz???

    if dont i would be a like a traitor not helping a real trator.

    and every one will see that how nawaz will be making a CJ a sadar of Corrupts.


  10. am from pasdar e pakistan
    dear friend contact us, we are working to spread the vision of general pervaiz musharraf , we have formed a party named pasdar e pakistan headed by barristor Muhammad ali saif, we have already formed office and committtees across pakistan, join hands with us so that we can compell our beloved leader to come back and lead us
    long live pervaiz musharraf

  11. Nawaz Sharif Corruption must read

  12. excellent report, why dont you print this report and make nation aware of all this .cuz everyone is not a supporter of gen.and will not be able to hear all these fact.
    spread it through other chanels like ARY,duniya tv

  13. Quote~you all people support musharraf because he is an urdu speaker.He allowed America to use Pakistan as battle field and now india from east and america from afghanistan will attack us.This bloody man also sold many Pakistanis……]

    By: pakistan on October 25, 2008
    at 10:27 am
    What you seem to forget is that Nawaz Shariff is more pro India then Mr Musharraf ever was,despite the fact that he was born in Delhi.
    Nawaz Shariff has decided to invest heavily in India,open more sugar mills there,thus helping create INDIAN JOBS-SO MUCH FOR HIS LOVE FOR HIS FELLOW PUNJABIS IN PAKISTAN-who to date are denied jobs and even lack sugar in supplies.
    As for the Americans….there were NEVER any DRONE attacks during PRESIDENT MUSHARRAFS REIGN-SO WHAT IS NAWAZ SHARIFF AND THE COALITION DOING ABOUT IT NOW??All these attacks are happening in their terms!WHY DON’T YOU LOT GO OUT AND DEMONSTRATE LIKE MAD -STRIP YOUR CLOTHES IN FRONT OF CAMERAS …AND CRY THAT ZARDARI AND SHARIFF HAVE SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER??like you were swearing at [President Musharraf] not so long ago before the foreign media-and making Pakistan a joke in the eyes of the World?

    Well..Maybe not..because President Musharraf’s Government was more humane and tolerant and allowed you morons to have your day-without any hindrance- and

    I would love to see the co- alition Government calling for fair elections in the forseable future?
    Huh..You have…More hope of getting the Kashmir issue resolved rather !

    In my opinion,the people in Punjab have all been misled into the race card to win votes of the gullible by the Shariffs-who themselves have an Indian interest at heart!
    Please wake up..recognise a good deal when you get it [OR HAD IT UNTIL RECENTLY]
    On the contrary I think you lot have “NOW GOT THE RIGHT GOVERNMENT -THAT YOU RIGHTFULLY DESERVE!”

  14. Nawaz Shariff pakistan ki jan baksh du tumhara wajood pakistan k lia nuqsan ki wajah ban raha hay..pata nahi tum momin hi ya nahi laykin tumhari harkat mominoo wali nahi hay Allah tumhay ghrat karay…

  15. -SUMMA AMEEN!!

  16. Salam,
    i am a great fan of Mussharaf also, i want to give hand for this cause as i like barrister Saif too, but as i am in Houston USA, need to know what efforts i need to make/participate in this cause, any help or any contact or any e mail adress really help, i am looking forward for further communucation.i try above e mail adress but it won’t gone through.


    [Moderator: Walaikum Assalam Nadeem and thank you for your comments. Please feel free to send an email here and I will discuss a few things with you: ]

  17. Nawaz sharif and his both abbé (zia ul haq & sharif sahib) did lot of damage to the country. But our Eagle Sir pervez musharaf sahib gave them good run inshah Allah ourtime will come now very soon these people not get one inch space in pakistan. APML Zinda Abad


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