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More bias and distortion on Islam Channel

Assalam Alaikum everyone,

A while ago I composed a short piece presenting my thoughts on the overly bias coverage of Pakistan on the Islam Channel (see “Islam Channel on Musharraf“). In particular, I commented upon the attitude and behaviour displayed by the host, Basharat Ali.

In this essay I will comment upon some of the claims and assertions made on another programme on the Islam Channel hosted by Basharat Ali called “Ummah Talk”, which aired a few days ago. Ali was at it again, this time joining forces with Aamir Ghauri, who, as you may well recall, used to be a co-host with Dr. Shahid Masood a few years ago on ARY’s programme “Views on News.” Besides Ghauri, they were joined over the telephone by a Pakistan based lawyer, one Uzma (I missed her full name) who, not surprisingly, was also bashing the government.

The purpose of this paper is to critically assess some of the claims and arguments put forth by this trinity.

Although I missed the first half of the programme, what I heard in the second half was more than sufficient to compose a medium sized paper.

I will begin by presenting some of the main claims of this trinity and will paraphrase their comments in italics, followed by my own response in normal text.

1. Ali insisted that he contacted the Pakistani embassy to send a representative to his programme to present their side of the story but that the embassy did not send anyone. Ali said he would still continue to contact the Pakistani embassy to send their official to participate in future programmes. Ali said that he was putting up a balanced programme and that it was not his fault if an official from the embassy was not coming to his programme. Ghauri agreed with Ali and said (paraphrasing), “no one will come from the embassy to your programme.” RESPONSE – If we are to believe Basharat Ali, it would seem as if the laws of physics do not permit him to have someone represent the other side of the story on his programme. In other words, it is just darn impossible to acquire a person who supports Musharraf. Ali needs to immediately get in touch with DM Digital channel, as well as P.J. Mir of ARY Digital to know how they managed to have on their programmes people supporting Musharraf. If they can do it, then why can’t Ali? In fact, one is not required to contact the embassy at all (one would suppose that their staff would already be quite busy and preoccupied with their daily tasks to be able to find the time to debate on his programme). If Ali was really serious and sincere about having both sides of the story presented on his programme, then, like DM Digital and ARY’s P.J. Mir, he could also have contacted individuals who supported Musharraf and have them present their point of view on his programme. You can find individuals not related to the government – just like DM Digital and P.J. Mir have done – who support the government’s position. Is Ali really honest about having both sides of the story presented on his programme and has he made a serious effort to seek out individuals who support Musharraf? I don’t think so. Ali’s “embassy excuse” and protests of being ‘balanced’ just do not work.

2. Ali asserted that the ‘population’ was fighting its own army. Ghauri Agreed. RESPONSE – nothing can be further from the truth. The soldiers are fighting militants, not the ‘population’, in Sawat. Likewise, they fought militants and ruthless warlords (Bugti) in parts of Baluchistan and Waziristan, and not the entire ‘population’. There has been no mass public revolt or action against the Pakistani army in these areas, although it is true that some people, say in Waziristan, sympathise with the Taliban and the militants. Yet this is not equivalent to the ‘population’ rising up against the army. Even if the military action is disliked by many, we have not yet seen the ‘population’ fighting the army. Ali merely made an ignorant exaggeration and Ghauri, who should have known better, gleefully agreed with him.

3. When two Musharraf supporters called Basharat Ali’s programme and said that Musharraf had done a lot of good for the country, Ali instantly interrupted them and in a hostile manner demanded, “What has Musharraf done?” He repeatedly threw this question in a loud voice, constantly interrupting the callers from expressing their viewpoint. Ali also said (paraphrase), “What has the government achieved? They have achieved nothing. They only claim their salary.” RESPONSE – So much for his ‘balance’. Interestingly enough, a while later Ghauri, who had approvingly nodded and kept quite as Ali repeated the mantra of Musharraf having “done nothing,” contradicted Ali when he stated that he was not arguing that Musharraf had done everything wrong. So, the question naturally arises: if Musharraf has not done everything wrong, as Ghauri claims, then he must have done at least something right. What are they? Whatever they are, Ghauri’s clarification is enough to give a lie to Basharat Ali’s assertion that ‘nothing’ positive had been achieved or accomplished by the Musharraf government. This arrogant and deceptive behaviour does not suit and reflect well upon the Islam Channel. To correct Ali, no one, including Musharraf, has claimed that everything has been fine and dandy, but only that the overall performance of the government has been notably better than that of all previous governments. As for what precisely has been achieved, I cite here from the World Bank website (all emphasis added):

After a decade of anemic economic growth, Pakistan’s economy has grown by more than 6.5 percent per year since 2003. While income inequality has increased somewhat, poverty has declined significantly.


Exports (in US$ terms) have grown by over 15 percent since 2004. Investment as a share of GDP increased from 17 percent in 2001/02 to 20 percent in 2005/06. A wide-ranging program of economic reforms launched in 2000 – fiscal adjustment, privatization of energy, telecommunications, and production, banking sector reform and trade reform – have played a key role in the country’s economic recovery.


Pakistan’s economy has shown great resilience in the face of the devastating earthquake, and future growth prospects for the economy are good.

[See this]

If the above are not achievements, then I don’t know what is.

Besides the above, massive development work is taking place throughout Pakistan in areas which had been hitherto ignored. These would include Karachi (in Sindh) and Baluchistan. Moreover, never has Pakistan witnessed so much investment in its entire history as under the Musharraf government.

Furthermore, another noteworthy achievement has been the introduction of the Nazim system in Pakistan, which gave powers to the local representatives at the lowest level.

Again, there remain areas where progress has been slow and more effort is required. Nonetheless, credit should be given where it is due. While the situation is not perfect, the economic progress witnessed by Pakistan within a decade’s time has been truly impressive. If we remain on the track set out by Musharraf, further improvements will undoubtedly be witnessed in the coming years.

To insist that ‘nothing’ has been achieved and to instantly and arrogantly deny all positives is nothing more than deception on the part of Basharat Ali. Let me remind him of this Quranic ayah:

Do not let hatred for a people incite you into not being just. Be just. That is closer to faith. Heed God [alone]. God is aware of what you do.” (Qur’an, 5:8)

[Note: see also “Economic Growth In Pakistan” and “Post-Musharraf Scenario Please” ]

4. The impression conveyed in the programme was that the whole of Pakistan had taken to the streets and was protesting. But this is just not happening. The overwhelming majority of Pakistanis do not feel so strongly against the emergency so as to come out on the streets. Instead, they are going about their normal daily routines. Some protests, however, are indeed taking place, in which we find, at most, the assembly of dozens of people from specific fields (lawyers, certain elements from the media, some students, some political parties etc). Yet this has not evolved into a mass wide scale public movement and, hopefully, it never will.

[Note: see this “Where are the people?”]

5. According to the Pakistani lawyer, Uzma, the lawyers’ fraternity is the most educated and elite in Pakistan and representing the middle-class. RESPONSE – This broad generalization gives a misleading impression. While I am no lawyer, from personal experience and having conversations with other Pakistanis and Pakistani lawyers, it seems to me that lawyers are generally viewed with disdain and contempt in Pakistan. Far from representing the ‘elite’, the majority happen to be quite poor, with most making a living by setting up tables outside courthouses, willing to type up legal documents etc. for nominal fees. Most lawyers we see out on the streets belong to this class. Moreover, let us not forget that the lawyers who do represent the ‘elite’ belong to specific political parties and fiercely fight along party lines. As Sabiha Sumar and S. Sathananthan recently reminded us (emphasis added):

Many prominent lawyers leading the opposition to Musharraf are either members of PPP or are closely connected to it through kinship links. A majority of the lawyers and judges and “liberal” defenders of human rights are part of the feudal elite; the rest share in the feudal values. They feel extremely threatened by Musharraf’s modernisation and are bent on protecting their inherited status and privileges. They are hardly the stuff of independent, modern professionals.

Besides the above issues, Basharat Ali is just an annoying person to listen since he maintains a condescending and sarcastic tone while addressing those who disagree with him, particularly when it comes to those who support Musharraf. The two people who dared to call his programme to voice their support for Musharraf received an unnecessarily hostile reception from Ali, who throughout kept begging Musharraf supporters to call him in order to make the point that his programme was ‘balanced’. Ali arrogantly demanded the two callers to immediately explain what Musharraf had achieved and as the two attempted to formulate their reply in their broken English, Ali throughout interrupted them and, with a smirk on his face, even laughed at their replies twice in a cunning fashion. It was as if Ali was not in the mood to let these callers present their viewpoint but to combatively debate them. This is shameful behaviour exhibited from the host of the Islam Channel. Equally shameful is the act put up by Ghauri, who should have corrected Ali on a number of occasions as the later went on and on making erroneous comments.

To sum up, what we witnessed yet again was an exceedingly biased, wholly one-sided, and an astonishingly misleading programme on Pakistan by the Islam Channel host Basharat Ali. If this is the quality of programming on Pakistan, then what about the quality of Islam Channel’s programmes on other countries and political issues? It’s quite possible that Pakistan is an exception and that the remainder of their programming is of high quality? God knows best. But commonsense dictates that we should at least be cautious when we see Basharat Ali discussing political issues given his utter lack of balance whilst discussing Pakistan.


Addendum: Lest the above should convey the wrong impression, let me make it clear that I do not have a problem with the Islam Channel per se. Indeed, overall, I think the channel is doing a great job in raising the problems faced by British Muslims and in educating them. Like any new channel we should expect the Islam Channel to learn through its mistakes and improve over time. I do, however, have grave reservations concerning Basharat Ali and his attitude for the reasons discussed above.


© Musharraf Supporters 2007 All rights reserved



  1. Talking abt achievments…now talk abt the thing that we lost after the emergency.

    1. Pak loose 2 billion pound fund ( from either Netherlands or Newzeland didn’t remember the correct one) which is for education purposes only and it is not loan, its fund. Also the same country blocks 3 million pound fund related to earth quake.

    2. US is restructuring Pakistan’s funding programs.

    3. France stop dilevery of fighter planes for which we already paid.

    4. Pakistan has been suspended from the 53-nation Commonwealth

    etc etc.

    and quoting ur words… if it is not LOST then what it is???

  2. Thanks for the essay-I don’t get such programs over here (I don’t have satellite). We do get the bashers all over the place on NPR and CSPAN….I have yet to see an actual Musharraf supporter also. I can’t comment on all the lawyers, but I agree with a lot of them being poor and not representing the middle class as they claim. One can look at it from common sense; Lawyers are paid by the people…..until recently hardly any people (on a mass population) had a lot of money to shell out to lawyers, and even still it’s not an overwhelming majority. Therefore, it makes sense the lawyers themselves don’t have a lot of money.
    What irritates me about the lawyers is as soon as someone sneezes, they boycott the courts…how is this helping the people of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan need the courts more than ANYTHING (in any country the courts are so important). This is what is needed to help civilian rule stay as such……but when they boycott who is speaking for and standing up for the rights of the law for the people??? The lawyers WISH they were elite.

    There is ALWAYS bias in media…right wing/left wing….pro/con. I’m sure you’ll find certain people (radio mainly over here) who are on one side of a fence whole heartedly, and others on the other. That’s not even the sad part, the sad part is no one is properly educating people who just don’t know-they just hear something and don’t realize (or care) there’s more to a story, or an issue.

    Great job with the analysis, you make strong arguments which shows great critical thinking….keep it up!

  3. Assalam Alaikum Hasan,

    For arguments sake let us suppose that everything you’ve just listed above is correct (I am uncertain about the accuracy of point #1, 2 and 3), that does nothing to counter anything that I said specifically in the paper. So your comments remain irrelevant, though I am glad that you (presumably) accept the mentioned achievements. (On a side note, I did not find any information on France supposedly stopping/cancelling the delivery of fighter planes on account of the emergency. I am not suggesting you are wrong; but only that I would like to know the source. As for the U.S. ‘restructuring’ the ‘funding programmes’ of Pakistan, I doubt they would be such so as to immensely hurt Pakistan. Bush has been generally supportive of Musharraf and any restrictions by the U.S. are likely to be cosmetic at most).

    More importantly, virtually all countries do suffer some losses and face these types of hurdles in similar circumstances. The important point to bear in mind is that Pakistan’s economy is currently in such a position that it can more than likely bear this burden. So there is no reason to start panicking.

    Moreover, it is quite unlikely that the emergency will remain in place for a very long time. We should expect it to be lifted soon and then elections are also taking place in a little over a month’s time. Thus, chances are that these restrictions which you’ve noted, assuming they are correct, will likely be lifted in the near future.

    As for Pakistan being suspended from the Commonwealth, so what? That is unlikely to have much of an adverse effect upon Pakistan.

    Finally, talking about the earthquake, enjoy this paper 🙂

    Best wishes.

  4. First of all thank you for accepting my comments as you donot accepted previously. I read all these information in newspapers and my source is which has 4500 news sources. Just write Pakistan in search box and you will get all the information.

    I know that Musharaf did a very good job in the begining of his rule, but don’t you think nowadays ppl have other main and important issues which he don’t either listen or ignores (plz chk it here)

    He just want to save his rule and Pakistan is nothing to him at all. I know we dont have any1 else to control the country and thats why BB and Nawaz fighting for the seat as they also know the situation is critical for Musharaf.

    I will inshAllah write some other things also if you give me Freedom of Comments

  5. Assalam Alaikum Hasan,

    This site is not affiliated with GEO, so you can rest assured that your comments will appear within it even if they are critical, as long as you write politely. You can already see PLENTY of critical comments here. The only thing which I will never permit is abuse, insults, sneerful and patronising tone etc. You know very well why your earlier comment was rightfully dismissed. I have no hesitation in dismissing such type of comments. Besides these, irrelevant comments will not be approved, together with the wholesale copying and pasting of other essays in the comments section.

    Coming to your post. To begin with, I have still not come across any information on the alleged cancellation of delivery by France of the fighter planes to Pakistan on account of the imposition of the emergency. Please pass me the precise link if you have it. I’ve made some enquiries in this regard and I am told that this never happened. Nonetheless, perhaps you are right. If so, share your source with us.

    The assertion that “Pakistan is nothing to him [Musharraf] at all” is a very nasty statement on your part and is also Islamically inappropriate (to question and doubt someone’s sincerity with no accompanying proof). Perhaps you have the ability to get inside a person’s mind and heart and ascertain their ‘real’ and ‘actual’ thoughts, desires, and feelings, but the rest of humanity cannot do this. I personally see Musharraf having done a great deal of service for Pakistan; I’ve heard him say countless times how much he loves Pakistan, and I have no reason at all to doubt his sincerity and honesty. A sincere and honest man can, nonetheless, make mistakes and errors. But that does not mean that Pakistan “is nothing” to Musharraf.

    Regarding your link, I am sure you will agree with me that once upon a time Musharraf did not have a meeting with his team and said: “lets increase the price of every item in the market and lets make the lives of millions of Pakistanis as miserable as possible.” I think, besides the ones fully blinded with hate, most individuals, including those who oppose Musharraf, would more than likely dismiss this type of story. It is not Musharraf who is personally responsible for setting the price of everyday items. Factors which effect price include supply-demand. It has to do with inflation. WHATEVER government we have in place, even if it is the horrible Jamaat-e-Islami, we would still be facing such problems. So one needs to be a little reasonable and considerate here.

    “I will inshAllah write some other things also if you give me Freedom of Comments”

    I have never denied anyone “freedom of comments.” But I will NEVER grant anyone freedom to insult, abuse, and slander, or to write irrelevant stuff etc. If you wish to respond to anything on this blog, albeit politely, you will be permitted. But if you wish to post full-fledged essays on this site, then I cannot permit that either. You can make use of your own blog for that purpose.

    I also hope that you will also advise GEO to give freedom of comments as I do here on this blog.

    Finally, I think we can agree on one point: both Sharif and Bhutto are power hungry opportunists who have looted the country in the past. The Pakistani people should say no to these looters of Pakistan.

  6. I haven’t used any abusive language in my previous comment (where u showed some video clips on situation after emergency)

    Okay I may not right on the cancellation of delivery of planes by France as I am not been able to provide the source (I think I heard this from someone and I now realize that I have to have the perfect source and I apologize here abt it).

    I think, by few of my comments you may consider me as an enemy (or something) of Musharaf but its not like that. I dont have any personal problems with him. I love my country and I am a patriotic person. He always said that he loves his country and other stuffs like that and yes he proved it in his first few years of rule. But after that every blind eye can see what he did and for whom he did all those things. He can do everything in the country as he is the most powerful man in Pakistan (or may be earth). so why cant he stop the inflation?? inflation obviously increase by the formula of supply and demand but that is for other countries. In Pakistan, it increases when few Ba- Asar ppl store sugar in the go downs and when NAB start investigations SOMEONE stop them to investigate as there are some BIG names associated with the case. The same is for Flour (as we had more growth of flour this year). What do u think abt the missing persons ????? where they are on earth ??? (plz read the two posts of The Glasshouse here
    and here

    There are many issues like that which he created and not been able to control them or whatever but he damage the country for the sake of his rule only.

    Many ppl says many thing abt GEO. For the sake of argument I agree that GEO is the one who created all this media hype in the country. You talked abt some Islamic thing in this post, did u ever had experience to listen Dr. Zakir Naik ?? a very renown scholar of Islam in India??? did u??? If u listen him then you know how quickly he answers all the questions he get and I remember in one the sessions an old man (Christian) comes on mic and pointing some mistakes in Quran, Zakir Naik quickly stand up and get the microphone and said (smilingly) are you reading from this (name) book?? when the old man replied yes he said “oh its mean I can see too far as I read the name of book in ur hands” I think you probably get what Zakir Naik wanted to said and What I wanted to say is if the government is right and THE SO CALLED GEO creating the hype then why didn’t all of the parliamentarians come and prove themselves on media??? Once in the program of Geo CAPITAL TALK, Makhdoom Ameen Fahem said ” Hamid Sahab inki (referring to PML-Q as only he and Chaudri Shujat were sitting there) party k logon nae 2000 Crore k karze maaf karwa liyae hayen aur HBFC k 2 arab k gareeboon k karze maaf nahin kar rahe” and Chadri sahab wasn’t said anything even he stop replying to the questions and start changing the questions. If Makhom Ameen was wrong then y didn’t the Shujat ask him to prove or whatever?? he knows that Makhdoom was right. Is this the reason why ppl like you say that GEO was responsible???

    Pervez Musharaf in his speech on imposing the mergency said “CJ released 71 terrorist(of LAL MASJID) who was declared as BLACK (a term use in intelligence when someone is confirmed terrorist by ISI) ” All right the CJ may have release them but you(Mush) know that they wre terrorist then didn’t he gave proves for it or he wanted us to believe him n his agencies like we believe on Quran??? No, it is not possible my friend.

    Do support Musharaf or anyone but as Musharaf said “Pakistan First” and everything or EVERYONE is after.

    (plz edit the words u dont like coz it took me much time to write all this )

  7. Assalam Alaikum and thank you for your comments.

    I really don’t know how to respond to you given the fact that most of your comments are completely irrelevant as they do not engage with anything I had to say in either the essay or the comments. But let me make a few points:

    1. I don’t know what to make of your bizarre statement, “…he is the most powerful man in Pakistan (or may be earth).” After this odd comment you asked: “so why cant he stop the inflation??” Well, I am not a student of economics, but I would advice you to read an introductory book on economics, the section dealing with inflation and how it can be countered. Musharraf being the “most powerful” man in Pakistan or even “may be the earth” does not mean that he has a magic wand which he can just wave to eliminate inflation in a matter of seconds. Again, I ask you to be reasonable here and try to think rationally rather than emotionally. All nations on this planet, including the fully authoritarian ones, have to face the menace of inflation at some point in time. There is no magic solution for it. It takes time to get it under control. While I am unaware of the details at this stage, I presume that the government has taken measures to deal with inflation and that it will take time to see the results. Note here that Pakistan’s economy has been booming for the past few years; the economy has been steadily growing. A by-product of this growth is inflation. As for the people storing sugar and flour etc., I did not quite follow you but I cannot comment simply because I have not seen the details pertaining to these cases.

    2. Regarding the missing persons cases and the links you presented, I’ll make a few comments. The same types of problems also abound in a number of Western nations, whose track record on human rights is obviously far ahead of ours. For example, in the U.S. a number of Muslims were abducted and held indefinitely by the authorities, with no access to lawyers and families. I do not need to mention the details of Guantanamo Bay. As you may know, people not only from Afghanistan but from other countries as well were acquired and transferred by the U.S. to Guantanamo Bay. More recently we came across something known as “extraordinary renditions.” This is where certain European countries permitted the U.S. (C.I.A.) to abduct suspects. Moreover, the same issues also abound in the U.K (duration of holding suspects etc.). My point here is a simple one. Pakistan lags much far behind these countries in terms of human rights and development. The U.K. and U.S., for example, are fully developed nations with an overall admirable human rights record. Yet we have been witnessing the same sort of problems within them which have been taking place in Pakistan. I am not justifying these acts, but only saying that it is not just Pakistan where they occur. Considering the overall position of Pakistan, one can understand how much more easy and how much more difficult it would be to commit and decrease the occurrence of such incidents. Definitely the government needs to look into the cases and do whatever they can to assist the genuine individuals. Having said this, one also needs to bear in mind the age old police culture and history in Pakistan. There has never been a time when the Pakistani police was well behaved. They have always abused, humiliated, and beaten prisoners, those in the process of being arrested etc. Musharraf obviously did not personally order the police to behave the way they did as we see in your link. There is no doubt that the government needs to do much more to improve the police and to get rid of those officers who act in such a fashion. Again, whatever regime we have in Pakistan, the police is likely to act in this fashion. It is, however, unfair to paint the entire government with one brush on account of police behaviour and the missing individuals’ controversy. Putting these two issues aside and recognizing the need to look into them, we can say that overall things under Musharraf have been MUCH BETTER than all previous so-called ‘democratic’ regimes combined. With Musharraf as a civilian president overlooking the nation, we are quite likely to see more positive developments in Pakistan.

    3. I did not talk about “some Islamic thing” in my essay or in my comments. If you had read more attentively, I made specifically two points: 1. not to go to extremes on account of our hatred towards a people and being just; 2. It is an un-Islamic etiquette to place doubts over someone’s sincerity, with no accompanying proof and evidence. I was very clear about these two. You then, out of the blue, drag in Zakir Naik. Once again you proceed to mention something completely irrelevant to the essay and comments. Nonetheless, no Zakir Naik is not a “renown scholar.” He is a medical doctor by profession. While he is very knowledgeable about Islam, he is not a scholar and one needs to be cautious when listening to him. And yes, I have heard many of his talks, including the one you alluded to.

    4. Regarding GEO, the point you missed was GEO’s refusal to present the other side of the story on their programmes. Typically, they invite one government official, who has to face 2, 3, or even 4 and 5 opposition members. This is an unfair set-up. On other instances there would not even be a government representative in their programme. I also provided an example of open bias by GEO: their outright refusal to give coverage to pro-Musharraf rallies. One of them being in Toronto. When approached, GEO officials said that they were ordered not to give coverage to anything pro-Musharraf. So, with a policy like this, how can you have the other side of the story represented on GEO? Be fair here and answer. As for your story about Ameen Faheem and Chaudhry Shujaat, I cannot comment until I see the programme for myself. You then asked: “Is this the reason why ppl like you say that GEO was responsible???” You would not have posed this question had you read attentively since I did not offer this reason. You wish and hope that this is the ‘actual’ reason why I disapprove of GEO. That is why you ignored the specific reasons which I offered myself on this blog against GEO and conveniently replaced them with your fantasy. If you cannot accept the precise reasons which I submitted, then please do not concoct your own reasons and impute them to me.

    5. From what I recall, the objection was that Chaudhary Iftikhar, who is a compromised individual and clearly on the side of certain political parties whose agenda he was hotly pursuing, did not even look into the evidence that was submitted against the prisoners and within minutes ordered their release.

  8. 1.Yes I didn’t read ur this post coz I want to have a conversation b/w you and me to understand that whether Musharaf is a right guy for Pakistan or not.

    2. I qouted Zakir Naik bcoz I wanted to show you an example (its called TASHBIH in urdu).

    3. I can understand the problems of inflation or other economic issues and calling Musharaf, the most powerful man in Pakistan means he can control the situation which creates the inflation (I mention abt the sugar and flour)

    4. My comments may b irrelevant to ur topic coz I haven’t read it yet as I mention it in point 1.

    5. I can’t understand why and how could you blame Ch. Iftikar of releasing the prisoners.

    6. I think you have your mind set on Musharaf and Its better not to argue with you on him as you strongly believe on him (seems you are a intelligence guy 😉 )

    7. I commented without reading the entire post (i read some) bcoz I wasn’t sure you’ll approve my comments or not. Next time I’ll care abt it.

    End of conversation in this post from me(doesn’t mean that I won’t comment on ur blog).

    Allah hafiz and take care. May Allah bless you.

  9. why have u stopped blogging?

  10. Hi Jerry,

    Let me assure you that I have not decided to stop blogging 🙂 . The blog should be updated either in the few hours or, more probably, in the coming days.

    Do keep an eye on it 🙂

  11. Thank you for your reply Hassan,

    Of course, feel free to submit your comments on the blog. I just hope that your next set of comments will relate to the articles in question and will be relevant.

    Moreover, I do have strong views on the subject and I do genuinely and with all sincerity support President Musharraf. However, at the same time I do not believe in blind support. I do not put my brains aside. I like to think critically using my mind, to the best of my ability, and attempt to follow the evidence.

    Allah Hafiz to you too and best wishes …

  12. Hassan,
    After our Atomic Blasts in May 1998, Nawaz Sharif imposed emergency and USA imposed sanctions on us. We knew that the world would have imposed sanctions on us. Going by your logic (Pak suspended from commonwealth, US restructuring our Aid, etc)….. should we have avoided the Atomic testing just out of FEAR from the world? Are we really that dependent upon the world? Not anymore!

  13. […] on the UK’s Islam Channel to share with us his anti-Musharraf rhetoric and ramblings. In the Islam Channel programme, Ghauri gleefully nodded his head in agreement while Basharat Ali went on and on challenging […]

  14. By keeping discussion in mind I will like to share a website which is a website about great islamic scholar Zakir Naik who made a lot oif non muslims to accept islam by his speeches.

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