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Earthquake Disaster Handling by Musharraf

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Today, however, the story is refreshingly upbeat. More than 150,000 houses have been rebuilt, 200,000 more are under construction and all of the planned 600,000 will be finished by the middle of next year, according to officials from Pakistan and the UN. They describe this as one of the world’s most successful reconstruction operations — outstripping the efforts after the 2004 tsunami — and a model for the response to future disasters.


They say that the success lies in a radical approach: giving money to victims directly and encouraging them, instead of non governmental organisations (NGOs) and aid agencies, to rebuild their homes.


There is a consensus among international aid organisations that Pakistan has made a surprising and exemplary recovery from its worst natural disaster. “When you fly over Kashmir you can hardly believe there was an earthquake two years ago,” Jean-Christophe Adrian, of UN-Habitat, the United Nations housing agency, said. “It’s really impressive — better than anything we have seen before.”


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