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Post-Musharraf scenario please . . .

Post-Musharraf scenario please … By Murad Ansari.

  • And Pakistan would revert back to being the 2nd most corrupt country in the world (declared by Transparency International in 1995 during BB rule) from 42nd in 2007 according to TI (FYI India is ranked 36th on the same list).
  • GDP growth rate, which has been over 7% for the last 5 years, would drop down to 2 to 3 percent like in the 90s.
  • Exports which grew from $9 billion in 1999 to $18 billion in 2007 and are poised to cross $25 billion in next couple of years would go back to $ 9 billion or less like in the 90s.
  • FDI, which is over $6 billion in 2006-2007 would go down to the level of 1999 i.e. $350 million.
  • All industrial sectors, which have been showing double digit growth rate, would turn into sick units like in the 90’s.
  • Pakistan would fall back into the trap of IMF and our leaders would be going around in the world with a begging bowl asking for loans just to pay off the interest.
  • Tax revenues, which grew from Rs 200 billion-Rs 300 billion to over a trillion rupees in 2007, would be used to buy more palaces in the U.K.
  • Poverty, which declined from 35% in 1999 to around 23% in 2007 according to ADB, CIA World Factbook, World Bank etc. would this time rise to God knows how many percent.
  • Missile monuments would be erected on every major intersection of Islamabad (like Nawaz Shareef did) to tell the people how hard we are working to solve their problems.
  • Hollow slogans like “Qarz Utaro Mulk Sanwaro” (rough trans: “remove the debt; improve the country”) would come back into fashion.
  • See also:


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    1. Although you make a valiant effort to defend Mush, all your points can be rebutted.

      1. According to the latest TI report, corruption under Mush is WORSE than it was in the past democratic governments. Two wrongs do not make a right. Democracy has to be given a chance – India being the best example for us.

      2. The growth rate at present is not that impressive. It is similar to several African countries – there has been no major investment in the country by a major international company.

      3. Your figures are incorrect. The World Bank has stated that poverty has INCREASED not decreased. The gap between the rich and poor has widened.

      4. The country is on the verge of breakdown. We have NWFP where the Taliban are active and Balouchistan where a separatist movement is in going on.

      5. Restrictions on the media, use of force against the lawyers, the way Imran’s sisters were treated. This is despicable

      Mush’s goose is cooked. He believes he is indispensable. This is the mentality that all army people have, even when they retire.

    2. Assalam Alaikum and thank you for your comments Salman. I am posting below Murad’s reply.


      Dear brother,

      I would answer you point by point:

      1- Year 2007: Pakistan is clearly ranked 138th out of 179 countries. That places Pakistan as the 41st most corrupt country in 2007. Now I have cited you the source from transparency international website itself.

      Year 1996: “Pakistan was the second most corrupt country on the CPI when it was launched in 1996.”

      As you can see, we have come a long way from 2nd most corrupt to 41st most corrupt.

      You can check Pakistan corruption ranking since 2001 from this website. They cite their sources from Transparency International website as well.

      2- “It s estimated alone that this year 2006-07, FDI attracted by Telecom will be US$ 2 Billion out of the total FDI of US$ 6 Billion, the highest in Pakistan history.”

      See this.

      3- “The government has made substantial macroeconomic reforms since 2000, most notably privatizing the banking sector. Poverty levels have decreased by 10% since 2001, and Islamabad has steadily raised development spending in recent years, including a 52% real increase in the budget allocation for development in FY07”

      See this and this.

      4- You are right about NWFP and Balochistan. But we had these problems even before Musharraf (Pre-1999). Only difference is that Musharraf tackled these problems head on while Benazir & Shareef were too scared to even touch these issues, like Bugti and Taleban. Today there is massive development in Balochistan. For example, Mirani Dam, Gwadar City, Canals, Roads, Khaleefah Oil Refinery from foreign investment of $ 5 billion (there you go. example of another major foreign investment. )

      5- Use of force only when people cause agitation. BAN ON RALLIES means NO FREAKIN RALLIES!! What do they not understand? They incite the government by breaking the law of the land. Similar kind of baton charges by police happens when hooligans try to disrupt G-8 or other summits. That’s the law!

      In the end, you have attacked the army as a whole. You may disagree with Musharraf, but using foul language against the defenders of the nation is sad. Without the army, we would have India taking over Lahore and other cities, which they have already tried at least twice, and the mullahs taking over rest of the country. I urge you as a fellow brother Pakistani; don’t malign the armed forces of Pakistan. We already have the Indians doing that.

    3. Let me also reply to some of your comments Salman. You wrote:

      “4. The country is on the verge of breakdown. We have NWFP where the Taliban are active and Balouchistan where a separatist movement is in going on.”

      You are correct in pointing out the militant activities in NWFP and the problems in Baluchistan, but one should not exaggerate. From what I can tell, things are generally in control in Baluchistan. As for the Taliban and the militants in NWFP etc., they do not enjoy too much support from the public and the military has initiated a successful operation against them. It is quite unlikely that this would cause the ‘breakdown’ of the country.

      “Restrictions on the media, use of force against the lawyers, the way Imran’s sisters were treated. This is despicable”

      True, but let us also give credit where it is due. Never has the media in Pakistan’s history witnessed as much freedom as under the Musharraf government. One can point to dozens and dozens of programmes running on our TV screens for years in which Musharraf is either openly criticized or made fun of in satirical/comedy programmes. No action was taken by the government against the channels running such programmes and quite rightfully so. But what we witnessed on channels such as GEO over the past 2 weeks was something very different and ugly. We saw provocations and abuse, and the speeches by certain hosts demanding the people to take to the streets in ‘protests’. Not only that, some expressed their own personal theories on the programmes urging the masses to rise in a ‘jihad’ against the government. This should never be allowed and you should condemn this conduct as well.

      As for the mistreatment meted out by the police to Imran’s sisters, you are right. We should all condemn that. But we should also condemn the behaviour of many of the ‘protestors’ – the forced shutting of shops, violence towards opponents, burning of tyres, rickshaws, bikes, cars, and the general hooliganism displayed by them.

      Musharraf obviously did not direct the police personally to mistreat Imran’s sisters or anyone else. As you know, this is an age old problem associated with the police… there has never been a time when they behaved any differently. But there is one crucial difference this time around: unlike the times of Bhutto and Sharif, we do not see the police killing individuals in fake encounters.

      As time goes by, more improvement in the police will be seen.

      You also wrote Salman:

      “Your figures are incorrect. The World Bank has stated that poverty has INCREASED not decreased”

      Actually it is you who are wrong Salman. Here is what the World Bank report says:

      “While income inequality has increased somewhat, poverty has declined significantly.”

      SIGNIFICANTLY means a lot

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    5. […] see also “Economic Growth In Pakistan” and “Post-Musharraf Scenario Please” […]

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    7. Salman Ali,

      Please check out the Transparency International CPI. You’d know why PAK is considered as corrupt? The three most corrupt institutions of PAK which drag it down on the rating scale are: Judiciary, Police and Parliament!

      India democracy? Where they killed 2000 in Gujrat? Where they demolished Babri masjid? Where they killed dozens in Nandigram? Where 6 nuns were burnt in a church and the state was silent? Where they practise human rights abuses daily in Kashmir? Is this your ideal democracy?

      2. 6% is not impressive? The world is appreciating PAK’s macro-economic policies. And, why did’nt PAK achieve something impressive under the political dictators?

      3. Can you paste the link where World BAnk states that poverty has increased? Read Economy of PAkistan in Wikipedia where it states that poverty has come down by 10% and also verified by CIA Fact-book.

      4. This separatist movement has been going on from some 30 years and above. Taliban migrated after the 1980’s war with soviet. Musharraf was not responsible for that war. Musharraf is trying to clean the mess.

      5. No media in the world is allowed to operate at the expense of National Interest. The lawyers injured policemen? The lawyers threw ink & sprayed color on the face of Raza Kasuri. The lawyers broke the car of Wasim Sajjad. They broke the office furniture of Khalid Ranjha. They threatened to set the Supreme Court on fire if the verdict came against them? Do you call these lawyers CIVILISED and Law abiding or are they Mobsters???

    8. I totally agree with all the facts stated in reply to Salman Ali’s list of questions.
      One really can’t forget the behavior of the so called political elitist class of our country.They who claim to care a lot about the poor people of our country depends and trust more on the foreign institutions for their own personal activities.They prefer keeping their assets in foreign banks rather than in Pakistan.They prefer going to other countries for medical treatments(Nawaz Sharif who runs to UK for his medical treatment).They send their kids to countries like US,UK etc (which includes the mulaas who chant anti-US slogans).These double standards of these leaders have proven time and again!

      Having said that,if we talk about the judiciary or the supreme court we have seen their double standards as well.When Sher Afghan Niazi voived his opinion over the verdict that he doesn’t accepts the Supreme Court verdict that Nawaz Shareef is free to come to Pakistan, the Supreme Court issued a notice of contempt of court.But on the other hand when the verdict was announced in favor of Pervez Musharaf that he is eligible to run for the presidential elections the whole nation saw how the lawyers behaved in front of the Supreme Court saying that this verdict was written from the top authorities and they cursed (saying LANAT HAI LANAT HAI).But no CONTEMPT OF COURT notice was issued to the lawyers like Ahmed Ali Kurd.What do we call this?This is nothing but double standards,being biased!If this is a way they judges and lawyers are to be behaving and issuing one-sided notices then there seems to be no problem in sacking them.Its more like cleaning the mess!

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    10. now by all these facts salman ali must be agreed to support pervez musharaf, virtually musharraf told us what is freedom, i like dr. a q khan and wishing to be a scientist like him, pervez musharraf detained him but still i m supporting musharraf, because he did right job in recent years with some false steps which are forgetable, we all should support him, this is the time other viz we pakistanis will not have any leader who can take decisions.

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