Posted by: uss017 | November 12, 2007

Where are the people?

The following is a brief video produced by a few young Pakistani’s who drive around some of the main areas of the city of Karachi – Pakistan’s largest city and business centre. This is to counter the propaganda being spread by news channels that the masses are out on the streets of Pakistan protesting against the emergency. This is simply not happening. They also respond to the recent far-fetched suggestion by Newsweek that Pakistan is more dangerous than Baghdad! The video shows the people of Karachi going about their daily routine, namely, work and shopping 🙂

[Note: Quite a few individuals submitting comments on my blog wrongly think that I produced this video. Just to clarify, I personally do not know the individuals behind it; I merely linked to the video from youtube after stumbling upon it. You can direct your critical comments to the actual producers here They have nothing to do with this blog].


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  1. It means you are proving that people of Pakistan like emergency and country without constitution. You are totally wrong. Did the video maker get chance to talk with Karachites and ask their opnion for emergency and abadoning the constitution? If not please try and see how many people are in favor or Musharraf and how many in favor of country without emergency (martial law)

  2. Good work from youngsters 🙂
    Atleast newgeneration has some brains.

    Keep up boys

  3. Thank you for your comments Usman and Mera.

    Mera, you can direct your comments to the maker of the video at youtube. I merely linked to the video on this blog. I did not make it.

    Also, the point of the video was that people are not taking to the streets even if, assuming, they disagree with the imposition of the emergency. The friends and family I have in Karachi report the same…no mass large scale public protests.

  4. someone put a counter and tracker on this website cuz i m sure its generating a lot of interest!

  5. Good work guys, keep it coming. I was beginning to wonder that all the blogs were being hogged by PTI sympathisers.

    Musharraf was the one who gave us all these liberties including the media and economic well being. I trust him to give them up for a while but mind you not for very long. He better deliver against the terrorist this time.

    As for those politicians that are raising hue and cry. They are nothing but thorn bushes bunched together in a stinking bouquet, smell of which is driving the people away rather than attracting them.

  6. Good show guys: we need more of the same: If the silent peaceful moderate Pakistanis dont stand up against this anarchist conspiracy to destable Pakistan then we stand to loose, I say lets consoladate and push Pakistan forward on its journey towards peace and prosperity for all its citizens. Pakistan zindabad

  7. aa I just needed to share the following with everyone here. In a bid to introduce everyone to others like you, inoder to start an interactive dialogue. tc Ah

  8. sorry folks I mis-typed the link so here it is again:

  9. […] [Note: see this “Where are the people?”] […]

  10. nice work

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