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The nasty face of the Musharraf opponents

I am sure that there would be many decent folks around who oppose Musharraf because they sincerely believe, whether rightly or wrongly, that he is wrong on a variety of issues. While I do not wish to generalise all Musharraf opponents as mean, nasty, and abusive, I believe that the nasty one’s among them are most vocal and do constitute a sizable portion within the anti-Musharraf camp, if not the majority.

I have heard quite a few times the following highly derogatory and insultive term being applied upon President Musharraf on GEO and other Pakistani channels: “doh takkey ka general” (rough translation: 2 penny or 2 cent general. Basically, meaning ‘worthless’). Is this how civilised people speak? Are we to put aside all decency, basic courtesy, and respect while addressing our opponents? Those who use this term not only insult Musharraf, but also reveal their subconscious lack of respect for the office in question, irrespective of who occupies it. They reveal how lowly and inferior they consider officers serving Pakistan.

Recently in Toronto, this ugly face of Musharraf opponents surfaced again when during a pro-Musharraf gathering outside the Pakistan consulate, the most vulgar and abusive language was directed by members of the PPP, Muslim-League N Group and the Tehreek-e-Insaaf (as well as individuals who appeared religious: beard, cap etc!) towards the supporters of Musharraf. Should we really expect these spiteful, hatefilled, and intolerant folks to bring about real democracy in Pakistan and maintain freedom of speech and expression? To make it more interesting, the Pakistani ‘fair and balanced’ version of FOX News, the one and only GEO TV, was there to cover the event. GEO outright refused to give coverage to the pro-Musharraf rally and focused only on covering the opponents. It was the local Canadian media which brought about some balance and gave coverage to the pro-Musharraf gathering. The abuses and harassment directed by members of the PPP, Muslim-League N Group and the Tehreek-e-Insaaf got so bad that the pro-Musharraf gathering had to be given protection by the police with the RCMP.

Note that prior to the emergency, the lawyers who backed the former Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary were boasting how, finally, they had successfully achieved their goal of winning freedom for the judiciary when Chaudhary was found not guilty. But soon thereafter, once a ruling went in favour of Musharraf, these same lawyers spewed venom and downright abusive and gutter language towards Musharraf and his lawyers and their families. Not only that, at least two lawyers who supported Musharraf were attacked, including Khuwaja Naveed. Their crime? They dared to disagree with the views of the lawyers backing Chaudhary. That’s all.

As I flip through a variety of Pakistani channels showing scenes of some of the protests here and there by some lawyers, political parties, and others, I see the same hate noted above emanating from them to the surface. Last night GEO proudly showed scenes of a female lawyer, a good Muslimah observing the hijab and the nikab, together with her colleagues, enthusiastically punching and hitting a teddy bear dog carrying the caption “Musharraf”, amidst loud howls of ‘Musharraf dog’, as if it was really Musharraf they were beating. These antics, particularly by those who portray themselves as very observant Muslims, are a disgrace for us and Islam and should put all of us to shame.

Compare the above shameful conduct with the the example set forth by Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal, who had to undergo much torture and abuse at the hands of the government of the time. Yet not once did he abuse his opponents and torturers. After many years when he was finally freed, Imam Hanbal forgave his oppressors and with his behaviour and excellent conduct won the hearts of others. Compare this with the character and behaviour, the ethic, displayed by many of the protesting members of the PPP, Muslim-League N Group and the Tehreek-e-Insaaf. What I see here is again hate gone to the very extreme.

I just don’t understand and can’t see how a ‘movement’ led by people with such a vocal and large segment of ethically and morally bankrupt characters can ever be deemed and understood as a genuine movement for the betterment of Pakistan. Can we really expect such vengeful and hatefilled individuals to be on the side of the truth and that which is right? I can’t. To me, their mere presence is red alert signal that the ‘movement’ they represent is bad, bad news. It has to crumble for the sake of Pakistan.


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  2. I am told that anti musharaf group is hurling such abusive language at rallies, thats it becomes very hard to restrain men of pro Govt: to arm wrestle.
    But it should not happen as thats is exactly what this group wants:

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  5. // I believe that the nasty one’s among them are most vocal and do constitute a sizable portion within the anti-Musharraf camp, if not the majority. //

    So you think close to 50% of those who Oppose Musharraf are ‘nasty’ and what not?? Since 79% of Pakistan ( according to the most recent survey ) oppose Musharraf so that would make around 30% of Pakistani population ‘Nasty’??

    Just look at hoops you have to jump to defend that guy.

  6. Assalam Alaikum Salman and thank you for your comments.

    A few points:

    I don’t think you have shown that I was required to jump “hoops” in order to defend “that guy.” How does this “logic” work? Share with us your reasoning process, assuming there was one, please.

    I am, however, glad that you did not bother to dispute my assertion about the ugliness exhibited by many members of the anti-Musharraf camp, presumably because you have witnessed it yourself. Judging from your silence, I am presuming that you probably disagree with such conduct?

    Are many who oppose Musharraf not nasty, abusive, and insultive etc? My opinion is that they certainly are; you and I have seen them on our television screens and have met some of them in person and have read their rantings on print media and the internet. In the short period since I started this blog, I have been surprised by the number of abusive and filthy comments that have been submitted, although I was certainly expecting to receive some abuse.

    Unfortunately our society as a whole is becoming more and more morally bankrupt, bankrupt in personal conduct, bankrupt in basic manners and etiquettes. Perhaps 30%, 40% or even 50% of our population falls into this category? Allah knows best. Just look at the behaviour exhibited by the protesting lawyers, who are supposed to be so ‘educated’. Was that not shameful? I think there is no point in jumping hoops to give a blind eye to the ills in our society. 🙂

    In the essay I did not submit any percentages. Frankly, I really don’t know how to calculate the percentage of the ‘sizable’ portion within the anti-Musharraf camp I referred to. I was merely relating my perception after going through a variety of Pakistani channels and press reports.

    Finally, coming to the polls you mentioned, what criterion and methodology was applied? What sample did they use? Who were interviewed? In what area was the poll conducted? What questions were asked? Polls do not have much credibility in Pakistan, particularly when it comes to such sensitive issues. Moreover, even if your figures are accurate, it is not necessary that every one of those alleged 79% also supports the opposition politicians, shares all of their viewpoints, or even that they took part in the protests carried out by certain groups in Pakistan.

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