Posted by: uss017 | November 12, 2007

Funny protest against Musharraf in NY

In the previous post I commented upon the behaviour of many people belonging to the anti-Musharraf camp. This will be a brief continuation of the same theme.

The following describes a hilarious and, well, frankly pathetic, ‘protest’ set up against Musharraf organized by some Pakistani’s in New York. It was a weird ‘protest’ to be honest. One of their slogans was: “Women’s rights are human rights.” Um…ok… but why were they saying this? One banner read: “Honor Shouldnt Kill“, meaning what? Oh why? There are two Caucasian American girls holding a banner displaying the pictures of Musharraf and Osama bin Ladin side by side with the caption: “Two Sides Of The Same Coin !!” (how?), and beneath it we read: “The World Sindhi Institute“. And as these people are busy displaying these odd banners and chanting some strange slogans, suddenly, out of no where, an uncle appears armed only with a speaker shouting “Musharraf is a great leader; Musharraf is a strong leader.” I solute this uncle. He was the only one who made sense in that ocean of confusion 🙂

Please see here the incoherent and bizarre email reaction of the members of this anti-Musharraf rally while responding to Ali Eteraz. Once again what we see is a childish behaviour: instant abuse and insults by overly daft individuals.


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  1. well-put

  2. Maula Salamat rakhaien Musharraf ke chahne waaloan ko!

  3. Except for the over zedalous lawyers, who have my sympathies all other protestors dont know what they are rallying for and what do they hope to achieve. They are forgetting one big factor essential to bring about change and i.e. Public Support.

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