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Musharraf accomplishments and the gory history of previous regimes

There is a petition circulating online which briefly lists the achievements of the Musharraf government and also relates Pakistan’s state when Musharraf assumed power. Many Pakistani’s seem to have a particularly weak memory. The overwhelming majority of the current Bhutto and Sharif supporters were the same people who were dancing out on the streets and distributing mithais (sweets) when Musharraf came to power. But now, in a matter of 7-8 years, history seems to have been forgotten and many are again members of the Bhutto and Sharif camp.

I am pasting below a major part of the text of this petition which lists the major accomplishments of Musharraf and sheds light on the looting carried out by our previous Prime Ministers.



The previous incompetent governments left Pakistan in a dismal state. Thus prior to Musharraf’s debut on the stage of Pakistani politics in 1999,

  • The country was almost bankrupt;
  • Pakistan was on the verge of being declared a “failed” and “terrorist” nation;
  • It was listed as being the second most corrupt nation in the world (the first being Nigeria)
  • The KSE 100 index was less than 1300. Now it is over 12000.
  • Atrocities such as judicial killings of opponents took place shamelessly throughout Pakistan, particularly in Karachi.


Under Musharraf’s regime since 1999, Pakistan has experienced tremendous growth and seen record improvement in its overall condition.

  • From being #2 on the list of corrupt nations, Pakistan is now #138 – a remarkable improvement.
  • Compared to being nearly bankrupt less than a decade ago, Pakistan now has reserves of close to $16 billion, and is still growing.
  • Corruption has been virtually eliminated from the upper levels and significantly reduced in the lower levels.
  • Musharraf actively confronted terrorism in Pakistan and employed several schemes to eradicate it from our country.
  • Large-scale development is taking place all over Pakistan, with a significant amount of construction going on in Karachi and areas of Baluchistan. Previously, these areas were largely neglected, with Baluchistan left to the mercy of warlords for much of the history of Pakistan.
  • Tax recovery is at an all time high.
  • Pakistan’s media has flourished with Musharraf’s permittance and encouragement.
  • Devolution of power- Musharraf brought the Nazim System and gave powers to the local representatives at the lowest level.
  • Women’s representation used to be 3.2%. Musharraf made a landmark decision and appointed 33% seats to be reserved for women in all three tiers of the local government and 17% in the national and provincial legislatures. (This also resulted in Pakistan being recognized as the country with the greatest progress in women’s representation within parliament in a comparison study of South Asian politics.)
  • President Musharraf was awarded the White Ribbon Man of the Year Award 2006, in recognition of the tremendous support to the cause of women’s rights in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan’s relations with India have also significantly improved. Previously, India refused to acknowledge the territory of Kashmir as a ‘dispute’. As a result of Musharraf’s diplomacy, Kashmir is today acknowledged as a disputed territory and both sides are working towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

These are remarkable achievements in an 8 year timeframe. This is not to say that things are perfect; much work still needs to be done. But, Pakistan, under Musharraf, has been heading towards the right direction and this momentum should continue. He has addressed the root cause of problems in the country thus building a foundation for democracy to prosper. The measures taken under this regime are an attempt to reform Pakistani society with a high emphasis on education. One cannot educate a nation overnight; it takes time and honest commitment. We cannot let corrupt politicians ruin 8 years of hard work.


It is no wonder that the previous leaders are so desperate to come to power again. They have their eyes set on the new and increasing wealth of Pakistan. One would suppose that these characters would have learnt their lessons by now. But no. Quite likely, if, God forbid, anyone of them were to assume power, they would be at it again: looting the nation and actively persecuting opponents. Notice that Bhutto, with no proof and evidence whatsoever, has already implicated Ijaz-ul-Haq, son of the late President Zia-ul-Haq (who issued the orders to hang Bhutto’s equally corrupt father), as well as others, in the recent devastating bombing in her rally which resulted in the death of hundreds. How do you think she would react were she to come to power?

And what about the ever so daft Sharif? The venom he spews in his talks and the tone of his speech indicates that this is a very vindictive character, who will take his revenge whenever possible.

We will be back to square one if Bhutto and Sharif have it their way. For this reason Pakistan needs to say bye bye to them and the politics, culture, and ethics which they represent and promote. Musharraf, compared to them, is a MILLION times better, even if not perfect.


© Musharraf Supporters 2007 All rights reserved



  1. It is some times takes a hundred years before a leader is bestowed on a Nation. Musharaf is that Leader for Pakistan. If people of pakistan dont realize it they will for sure have to wait another hundred years for one’ As the lined up hopefuls are all useless: ‘seen em tried em’: types’

  2. […] am putting it here in the interest of being fair and balanced. This is from the Musharraf Supporter blog: MUSHARAF’S […]

  3. I think its a great effort by someone to start this blog:
    As we need comparisons to make an argument.

    well done!

    Ps: will be following with interest:

  4. excellent report!!! it just makes one wonder wat is wrong wid the people of pakistan? why cant they see for themselves??? wat a great leader we have in president Musharraf… may ALLAH protect him and guide him throughout… we are so proud of you Musharraf!!!! well done, DONT LET THESE LOSERS GET TO YOU.

  5. First of all Musharaf is not a leader . A leader suppose to think above of himself and we all know have he assured of supreme court will base its decision on what he wants and what he does not want we will never have to see that again . we all know how corrupt nawaz and banazir governaments were . but nothing can justify the damage he has done by abolishing our already weaken constitution. for all those who think personal freedom of expression dont matter . I ask you one thing how would you feel if your brother , father or mother has to say something against musharaf . how would you feel if your loved one being whisked away in the darkness of the night and you dont even know where did they go . all because they said something that governament did not like . I never been a good pakistani I have my weaknesses but seeing my country going through this again and again makes me ashamed of myself . we all have been made believe that if we say anything against the powerfull we will be in trouble not only we but our faimlies even our next generations . we have become so used to slavery that we think anything beyond that is not what we deserve we been hijacked by mullahs and polititions but atleast theres always a hope that some of them will emerge as a leader a real leader . as long as one person thinks only his rule can save our country for me he is nothing but a yazeed of our time . and we all know how history treats them people . I hope we pakistani will realise soon that nations can not survive if they dont learn from their history . May allah bless my country but again allah dont bless people if they dont want to bless them selves

  6. Assalam Alaikum Tahyra,
    Glad you like this essay and for your kind words. Please keep visiting this blog from time to time…Inshallah I plan to put more material here in the coming days.
    Take care.

  7. Assalam Alaikum Qasim and thank you for your comments.

    I hope we can all work together towards the betterment of Pakistan despite our differences of opinion.

    Regards and best wishes.

  8. Your list is quiet selective. Add record inflation in food items, increasing poverty, lawlessness and worst – this latest NRO and action against judiciary.

    Especially the last two are very important as for democracy to work properly we need some checks and balances. both media and judiciary were going in the direction where politicians such as BB and NS would have to think twice before taking any step. But alas, things are again back to where they were – that is what saddens me the most.

  9. Ovais poverty has decreased, inflation in food items, yes its a problem to be tackled, but you forget the exponential level of rising fuel prices, spiralling edible oil / other commodities world wide. On top of it our agriculture is highly in-efficient. These are the problems that we need to discuss and find a solution rather blaming on one person. As for the NRO I ask you why did our courts frustrate Mush’s efforts to convict a single politician despite mountain of evidence, its just peshee after peshee. Everybody knows that Nawaz and BB are corrupt but still their parties keep on clinging to them. So what else to do?

    The author has been generous in not mentioning the famous yellow cab scheme which emptied our banks, the ceasure of foreign currency accounts which almost shut them down. As for BB’s time people havent forgetten bombs tied to peoples legs to extort money.

    Yes, Mush is not perfect but he has done more for this country than any other ruler and has never given me a chance to doubt his sincerity.

  10. QASIM its good that you mentioned freedom of expression and civil liberties. Not long ago there was a time in this country when people were tortured to death in CIA centres of Karachi and Lahore Fort. Drill machines were used, nails were extracted, people were hung upside down, beaten, sleep deprived and the list goes on. This treatment didnt target the terrorists, it was meted out to ordinary kids picked up from the streets several of them were never able to lead a normal life and were psycologically damaged. What we see now is mere dusting police personnel who are put under enormous pressure by those few that have protested, but still a two weak stay in a lock up for disturbing peace doesnt even compares to what I have mentioned above.

    All this is history, in the past decade or so every public department has been made more and more and answereable to public representatives / more transparent. We were moving towards a smooth transition and the country would have moved forward towards even more civilian rule, but alas some impatient fools are willing to derail everything …..

  11. Thanks a lot KAMI for your excellent comments. I was about to type in a short reply making some of the same arguments. So thanks for saving me the typing time 🙂

  12. I thought I too should post my response to qasim.
    I just want to ask him how can Musharraf or any other person fix the ills that plague Pakistan in a lifetime let alone seven years. It is after all under Musharraf that the civil society dare voice its concern with such freedom, it has to account for something given he is the so called dictator. It must be said he is has dictating for the right tune. I support Musharraf’s effort in todays Pakistan as it is a step in the right direction. This democracy that most Western educated, elite liberals, talk about does not figure in Pakistan. Thats our ground reality. We as Pakistanis must work, within our reality and evolve a system of governance suitable to all sections of Pakistanis, not just the urban elite. In the end,I will say, is that Under Musharraf Pakistan is a 160 billion dollar Economy today, as compared to only $75 billion in 1999 and the 3rd fastest growing in the world after China and India.

  13. having gone through the fruitful discussion, some of my colleagues proprlled, it makes me realise the somewhat better tenure of mr.musharaf,who was very efficiently steering the boat of the country through choppy waters. at this critical juncture when we ve seen th change of guards at Islamabad, that has proved to be nothing more than a strom in the teacup, it is quite alarming that we continue to dwell in the thick fog,which seems to haunt us and surrounds us completely. may Allah guide this nations’ leaders to think above self-aggrandisement,political vendettas and factional squibles and contribute towards nation building. amen!

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